Sylvanian Families 3 Wheel Scooter £10.73 @ Amazon

Sylvanian Families 3 Wheel Scooter £10.73 @ Amazon

Spongebob Sylvanian

This Sylvanian Families 3-wheel scooter is £10.73 at Amazon, 46% off from £19.99, including delivery. (And if that's too girly for your liking, there's also a Sponge Bob 3-wheeleroffering for £9.22, which is 54% off.)

The 3-wheel Sylvanian Families scooter from Amazon is aimed at pre-schoolers who still need that little extra support. Apparently, (and obviously, really), the scooter helps develop coordination and balance, and is aimed at youngsters aged 3 years and up.

Says Amazon, “The Sylvanian Families 3 wheeled scooter features beautifully colored Sylvanian Families graphics and matching decals to bring fun and delight to pre-school Sylvanian tots.And yes, I know how to spell “coloured”, but apparently Amazon staff know how to cut and paste from American sites.

Reviewers say it needs a little assembly, which can be a bit difficult, and one complained of “wonky welding”, but it wasn't so bad she wanted to send it back. Her daughter loves it though, and didn't even notice. The second reviewer agreed, saying that it was a pretty scooter, but not as stable as some others she'd seen.

With only a 3.5 star rating, it seems an 'okay' scooter at a good price, but at full price, probably not so much.

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