Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12V Landspeeder Half Price @ Toys R Us

Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12V Landspeeder Half Price @ Toys R Us

EDIT 12/12/17: Price now dropped again to just £199.96!

Star Wars fans prepare to be amazed. Kids can now ride around on their very own Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12V Landspeeder from Toys R Us! Even better is that it's now half price! It was selling for a whopping £499.99, but now it's gone down to it's lowest price yet at £249.96!

This is a replica of Luke's Landspeeder from A New Hope, and is a 12V battery powered ride-on toy. It has an accurate design and includes an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sound and includes dialogue from C-3PO, R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker.

It can seat two riders at a time, has a choice of forward speeds and a reverse function, and you get the rechargeable 12V battery and charger included.

Better not show the kids unless you're prepared for some serious pester power! Now they just need to make one for adults and I'm in.


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  • Gemma R.

    Crazy price but OMG how awesome!!!!

    • John G.

      do you think it comes in adult size?

      • Jane E.

        I do. Shame I'm 28 really.

        • Julia J.

          eh - I can think of two little boys who would love racing this around the farm!!! lol!

          • Pete S.

            Ohhhh my the grandkids would love it xxxxx

            • Ian H.

              They don't do them in my size!!

              • Ian H.

                If they done them in adult size I'd be trading in the motor!!

                • Liam H.

                  Big question is...can I fit in this??? Nevermind the kids lol

                  • Craig W.

                    Oh yes .. that's xmas sorted :grinning:

                    • Alan M.

                      I want. I won't be able to fit in it but I don't care

                      • Sam L.

                        I could so fit into...erm, I mean, Osc would love that! Osc, not me. I wouldn't try to have a go ;)

                        • Neil E.

                          Ha ha. Would it get me to work? Ha ha

                          • Fiona K.

                            That looks fab! Thanks :grinning:

                            • Graham C.

                              So they do them in big kid sizes?

                              • Beth G.

                                Do they do adult ones?!!! :smile::smile:

                                • Danielle L.

                                  O M G!!!! That is amazing!

                                  • Mark L.

                                    Omg yeah dude! I want one :joy:

                                    • Claire M.

                                      I know it's amazing!! Ditch my car and put a bike engine on it :joy:

                                      • Greg A.

                                        Take all my my money. Take it all

                                        • Joe W.

                                          Do they come in adult size? X