Snail Rocking Animal Chair £40 @ Kiddicare

Ohhhh, I love the look of this Snail Rocking Animal Chair!  Kiddicare are selling them for £40 instead of their full £90.

Tell me this little guy is not CUTE!   It's brightly coloured and looks dead comfy, if they had a bigger version for grown-ups you can guarantee they'd have them in the funky 'staff play spaces' at Google and Facebook!

The seat offers a lot of support for younger riders - the minimum age is 9 months and that's with adult supervision - and I can imagine they'd want to spend many, many hours rocking away with their snail friend.

The frame is made from wood and is good and sturdy.  I just think this Snail Rocking Animal Chair is super, slightly quirky and makes a nice change from the usual rocking toys that are on the market; I'm almost disappointed I don't have anyone to buy him for.

Delivery is free and you can even choose the hour of the day you'd like your Snail Rocking Animal Chair delivered on; awesome.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD

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