Razor Flashrider 360 Caster Trike £54.79 @ Amazon

Check out this Razor Flashrider 360 trike - if it's not the coolest, and most weird looking, trike you've ever seen, then I want to see what is!  It's up for grabs at Amazon for £54.79, for the moment at least, instead of its whopping full price of £129.99.

This Razor Flashrider 360 is just too cool - I'd have loved messing around on one when I was a kid!  The front wheel is designed to never go flat (hurrah!) and the rear wheels are castor wheels, which allows your young flashrider to spin it 360 degrees.  If you've ever seen kids of a certain age playing on bikes or scooters, you'll know how much they love pulling 360 manoeuvres.

But not only does the Razor Flashrider 360 look cool, and allow you to pull some cool moves, it also has a 'spark' feature. Yes, that's right, you can make your Flashrider emit sparks as you spin round.

If you can't quite get your head around that, CLICK HERE to watch a video that will make everything clear.

Here are some reviews:

This is a brilliant thing: a go-kart, really, but with castors to the rear, thus encouraging 360-degree spins. And the thing that generates sparks is terrific, especially in the dusk of a winter's evening!

If they did an adult one I would buy it straight away; lots of fun, daughter loves this, endless hours of fun

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