Half Price Bike Sale @ Tesco

Half Price Bike Sale @ Tesco

bikesBikes are traditional BIG Christmas pressies, if you're looking to buy one then go to Tesco and have a look at their half price bike offers!

I remember getting a bike for Christmas when I was little - it had a little carry thing on the back that I used to put my tea set in and my Little Bear story book!

I remember getting a bike for Christmas when I was older - it was a Raleigh Racer and I LOVED it!

It doesn't seem to matter how cold it is on Christmas day, if you're the proud owner of a new bike you're going to RIDE it! Nothing short of three feet of snow is going to stop you!

Now I don't know about you, but I'd much rather buy a bike in a half price bike sale than pay full whack - I'd much rather buy everything for half price!

Some bikes have had their prices slashed completely in half, others by not quite so much - pop over and see which ones take your fancy.

You can arrange to have your half price bike delivered to your home for £5, or you can collect it in store for FREEEE!

I don't know, the words 'half price bike sale' and 'free' in the same sentence...whatever next!

Thanks to ei8hty5ive over at HUKD!


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