Pony Cycle Ride-On Pony £179.99 @ Smyths Toys

Pony Cycle Ride-On Pony £179.99 @ Smyths Toys

If you have seen the amazing viral video of these toys in action you will know why the team here are so excited about them coming back into stock. The Pony Cycle Ride-On Pony is a ride on toy with a difference. It may look like a rocking horse, but when your child sits on it and rides it the legs move forwards and backwards and it looks like a little horse galloping around with your child moving up and down in the seat.

Smyths Toys have just got them back in stock both in stores and online, and they are priced at £179.99, delivery included.

Apparently they even do an adult version in the US, though how many people will buy that I cannot say. Scrap that, I bet we'd all have a go given the chance!

This Pony Cycle is for children aged around four to nine years, and if your child has been wanting a pony then this is a much cheaper alternative!

Head over to our Facebook page if you want to see the video of the Pony Cycle in action.


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  • Ashleigh H.


    • Donna-Louise S.

      love it

      • Chloe C.

        - would this help with the school run?

        • Claire R.

          !! Amazing!!!!

          • Leah F.

            look at the unicorn one!! Unreal lol

            • Amy M.

              Jesus Christ I need it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

            • Kirstin M.

              think we should get these haha amazing!!! :joy::joy::joy:

              • Kirstin M.

                how amazing is this!?

                • Jenny W.

                  can we race

                  • Arthur H.

                    Yes yes yes!!!!!!!! I want a tiger though!!!!!!

                  • Arian K.

                    so cool x

                    • Kerrie D.

                      My little girl got the unicorn one for her Xmas, it's lovely x

                      • Jody E.

                        Is it hard to use?

                        • Jody E.

                          Hi we're u get unicorn one from please ?

                          • Pauline F.

                            Not hard to use and I got a unicorn from amazon

                            • Kerrie D.

                              No its easy to go and from amazon :blush:

                            • Kayte B.

                              look how cute these are :relaxed:

                              • Leanne B.

                                we need one of these!

                                • Hannah H.

                                  I didn't see the price I just saw unicorns :joy::joy:

                                  • Jody E.

                                    Can anyone see the unicorn on website for sale as i can only see unicorn

                                    • Becky J.

                                      how good are these x

                                      • Rebecca R.

                                        Alan Carr was on something similar the other night on his show lol .. looks fab x

                                      • Pauline F.

                                        My little girl got the unicorn for Christmas and she loves it well worth the money

                                        • Donna P.

                                          , how cool is this

                                          • Joanne O.

                                            When went to Spain they had these in the shopping centre!!!

                                            • Katie G.

                                              Haha would be cool if they did adult ones, :grinning::grinning::grinning:

                                              • Saartje V.

                                                how cool are these!!