Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Fairy Ride-on £45 (was £60)

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Fairy Ride-on £45

We love the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe in all it's forms, but this Fairy design is one of our favourites. With it's sparkly detailing, pretty butterflies, pastel colours and the crown on the top it really stands out from the other Cozy Coupes. It's exclusive to Tesco and it's just been reduced down from £60 to £45.

This Fairy Cozy Coupe has all the features of the regular Cozy Coupe, so it has a removable floor panel and parent push handle so that it can be adapted as your child grows.

It has a turning ignition key and a little open and close fuel cap so that kids can pretend to fill her up with petrol. There's also a little storage area at the back for kids to keep their drink or toys.

Reviews are great, but that's what we expect from a Little Tikes toy as they have such a brilliant reputation.

You can click and collect for free from Tesco stores, or home delivery is £3 and as this comes in a fairly large box that might be an easier option.

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  • Melissa B.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: this is so cute xx

  • Jessica C.

    Its lovely but she has one :heart_eyes:

  • Beth G.

    We paid £50 for ours so not too bad but would of been easier to get it from Tescos I checked near enough every day for weeks to see if it would go down in price xx

  • Darcîe X.

    I want one for kass:heart_eyes::see_no_evil:xxxxx

  • Louisa S.

    This car is so cute . Don't think my boys would think same lol xxx

  • Karen L.

    Katie's got this one :joy: I tried squeezing into it but for some reason I didn't fit :joy:

  • Tasha R.

    My daughter has one but I couldn't be bothered to put all the stickers on lol

    • Lynne G.

      Ellis used to use similar in Action for kids and he had real playground rage, it was so funny to see

  • CameraGirl

    I was lucky to get this for £27 in Dec. Its been in storage ready for my little girks 1st birthday present :) 

  • Nicola G.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that's gorgeous xxx

  • Rhiannon S.

    Yea seen this before. If she didn't have one already I would have got it x

  • Natalie S.

    Thank you! Might start getting stuff and putting it away for her bday xx

  • Sean B.

    It's still £45 with money off. Quite a lot when Isabelle has already got the red one lol xxx

  • Emma S.

    I've been looking at it for her for Easter :hatching_chick: xx

  • Kelly T.

    Wowzers that beats an Easter egg lol. It's gorgeous! X

  • Sheila J.

    Iam in luv it's gorgeous xxx

  • Jen B.

    Father Christmas brought one for little miss, it's a big hit :)

  • Lois M.

    I seen this for her the other day its so cute x

  • Christine H.

    Just brought Katie one too ! X

  • Helen T.

    Wow I think this shall be in her birthday list, we're going to need a bigger house just for their toys

  • Allison

    hi could you tell me if this fairy cozy coupe is on offer thanks

  • Nadine P.

    for when Edens older :heart_eyes:

  • Samantha W.

    1st birthday present :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    • Emma V.

      God knows where we would put it lol x

  • Katie M.

    Lottie absolutely needs this

  • Sarah P.

    Awesome the kids are going to love it xx

  • Paula C.

    Aye ave bought at that . . But her bday and Xmas are in the same month so trying to get organised x xx

  • Gail M.

    I know seen it it’s cool

  • Amy M.

    We'd never get her out of it!:joy:

  • Jennifer S.

    we have the usual red and yellow one but this is lovely for a girl. All kids love the cosy coupe.xx

  • Carly J.

    :astonished::heart_eyes: oh my goodness!!!!

  • Victoria T.

    How funny is that I bought it from here yesterday! Xx

  • Victoria T.

    yeah, think I’ll keep it for her Xmas though xx

  • Tiffany L.

    good price and you cant get any more girly than that lol

  • Robyn M.

    how class Luce will love this

  • Katrina D.

    should get myself one xx

  • Samantha H.

    That’s so pretty! But they are horrible to put together xx

  • Ashleigh O.

    Oh why didn’t I see this one before already got the other one now lol x

  • Laura D.

    Yeah! Weather needs to get nicer so she can play in it xx

  • Jayne R.

    She’s gotta have that for her birtgday

  • Jayne R.

    She has to have it :heart::heart_eyes:

  • Lucie P.

    Aww that’s so lush!!! Xx

  • Courtney L.

    Oh my word wow!! I miss being able to ride around in these bad boys :joy::joy:

  • Gemma B.

    Oh she definitely would! So cute x

  • Jody M.

    Why aren’t all these things around at Christmas and birthdays lol xxx

  • Nicola Y.

    I love it :heart_eyes: she has the pink one though however it has no crown :laughing:

  • Maria D.

    It’s fab get one ordered :grinning:

  • Stacy B.

    She’s got one :joy: spoilt kids

  • Elaine P.

    Omg... I'm gunna get her this!!

  • Laura E.

    i might speak to nanny bev change our order xx

  • Hayley Y.

    Mum has bought one I think for Imogen haha xx

  • Jackie F.

    This could get addictive, so many cute designs! :grinning:

  • Erin K.

    I was thinking this too :see_no_evil: I love it!

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