Henry Hoover Sit n Ride £12.60 @ Asda George

Henry Hoover Sit n Ride £12.60 @ Asda George

EDIT: Both Henry and Hetty now out of stock at Asda. The next best price is Argos at £18.99 here*, and Hetty is £17.99.*.

Does your little one go mad for your smiley Henry hoover? They will love this cute Henry Sit N Ride toy as it turns everyone's favourite vacuum cleaner into a toy they can ride around the house on. Even better is that it's currently in the Toy Sale at Asda George online down to just £12.60! If you would prefer the Hetty version that's also on offer at £14.

These are two-in-one toys that can be used as a walker by younger children, then as a ride-on when they get a little older. As a "foot to floor" ride on it is suitable from 12 months, and the steering wheel (shaped like the Henry vacuum handle) can be locked to make it sturdy when it's used as a walker. When you flip up the seat there's a big storage space for little ones to hide all their treasures and toys.

The reviews are really great, with many commenting on how sturdy it is. I like the fact that you can actually steer this one, as lots of the cheaper ride-ons don't actually steer at all, and the wheel is just there for decoration. There's no sounds or lights on this ride-on, but the cute smiling face of Henry should make up for that, as does the fact that your child can ride about on a happy hoover.

There's also some other Casdon toys*on offer at the moment and you can see those here. Click and collect is free or home delivery costs £2.95.

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  • Rachel B.

    shame they don't do bigger ones

    • Carol C.

      our small human needs this

      • Chloe R.

        how funny :joy::joy:

        • Charlotte W.

          i love these!:heart_eyes: so funny.lol xx

          • Vicky H.

            Oo I may get one for buddy :joy: they are funny x

          • Alison G.

            How good would that be if it actually did the hoovering while they played on it

            • Rikki P.

              If it actually vacuumed, I'd get my husband one

            • Hayley M.

              ! I think I may know a certain wee boy who would love this!!

              • Tom W.

                Red one is sold out

                • Julie-Anne W.

                  ive seen it all now lol

                  • Tiffany L.

                    That's ace xx

                    • Shaz H.

                      how cute are these :heart_eyes: xx

                      • Kirsty D.

                        Theon and Willow need these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

                      • Chris D.


                        • Tammy A.

                          Waow.....thanks missus defo ordering one of theses xx

                          • Sarah B.

                            How ace would it be if it actually hoovered up!

                            • Samantha C.

                              Omg I love it lol. Def need one of these in the future :) lol xxx

                              • Kelsey S.

                                Be good if it actually hoovered could get him one for the house save me a job :joy:

                                • Zoe H.

                                  Be even better if they actually hoover at the same time lol

                                  • Linda S.

                                    awwwww there smart like

                                    • Yuan Q.

                                      Can they just add the hoovering bits on it too? Will be cool to have a ride on Hoover and some free labour :joy:

                                      • Michelle H.

                                        Think its a must!! :grinning:

                                        • Laura A.

                                          I love this X