£50 Off Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart @ Asda George

£50 Off Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart @ Asda George

If you know a Nerf fan this is the ultimate gift for them, and right now it's on offer too! The Nerf Battle Racer has £50 off at Asda George online right now, making it £179.99 rather than the usual £229!

This amazing go kart has some unique features that make for some crazy Nerf battles. It can carry up to four Nerf blasters and a big supply of Nerf darts so you can take your Nerf fun with you anywhere and battle on the move!

It has a rugged steel frame, forward and reverse gears, an adjustable seat, plus a free-wheel function and a hand brake. It's designed for children aged around 4 to 10 years to use, so sorry grown ups but you'll not fit in this one!

This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for the kids, though you'll need to find a pretty big hiding place to stash this one!

The Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart is not available for click and collect from stores due to it's size, but home delivery only costs £2.95.


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  • Casey W.

    Riley would love this!!!!!! Xx

    • Charlotte W.

      I saw this but was fairly expensive if I remember rightly xx

      • Casey W.

        Yeah :grimacing::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xx

        • Charlotte W.

          Who would love it though xx

          • Casey W.

            Again in English??? Xx

          • Emily P.

            The boys will love it :joy:

            • Alison F.

              Oh my gosh he would love that xx

              • Louise C.

                Omg the boys would love it lok

                • Kelly F.

                  OMG! I don’t know who’d want this more Chris or me? :grin:

                  • Ally S.

                    Thats when he is older :thumbsup:x

                    • Jenna F.

                      omg he would love that.... not sure about the rest of the world thou xx

                      • Dan B.

                        You gotta be joking no one would be safe if Callum had that :joy: