£25 Off L.O.L Surprise! 16" Kids Bike @ Halfords

£25 Off L.O.L Surprise! 16" Kids Bike @ Halfords

It's about time they bought out a L.O.L Surprise bike! I love this edition that Halfords have, it looks great quality and isn't too garish!

The best part is there's £25 off right now so hurry and grab one today to keep by for Christmas.

The fab L.O.L Surprise bike is a must have for all L.O.L Surprise fans! It is reduced from £125 down to £100 and looks well worth the money.

This gorgeous bike features L.O.L Surprise dolls and details all over. It also has printed wheel discs, and crash pad.

The adjustable handlebar height, and adjustable seat height means the bike will grow with your child. It is a 16" bike which is normally suitable for ages 5-7 years or until they reach 120cm.

Home delivery or Click and Collect are free of charge. You can also have the bike assembled free of charge too.


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  • Rob F.

    Is that bigger than she’s got? Xxxxxx

    • Cassie V.

      I feel like a normal bike would last longer then her love for lol dolls. Atleast I freakin hope :joy: But thank you!!! I’ll see what Chris says! Xx

      • Emma B.

        Where’s this I need it desperately x

        • Lee C.

          I love it lol, Iv spoke myself out of it a million times cos she just got a new one in August :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xx

          • Shelley C.

            :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: these lol dolls are taking over my life haha x

            • Claire B.

              No she can have it in the summer once she has cracked it without stabilisers :thumbsup:

              • Louise C.

                Aw I’ll need to have a look she’d love that xx

                • Danielle D.

                  Cheers but it is too small:disappointed_relieved:

                  • Ariane D.

                    Aw no way thought it was 16” :sleepy:

                    • Trina I.

                      We looked at this but it’s too small for her :disappointed: xxx

                      • Lauren S.

                        Oooo your a top fan ,

                        • Renek H.

                          What does that even mean:joy:

                          • Kerry S.

                            She’d love that! I’m sick off looking at lol’s though haha

                            • Carrie M.

                              Aw is it no the same one you seen

                              • Carrie M.

                                Just checked halfords Don't think you get them with it

                                • Nicola C.

                                  :see_no_evil::scream: thank you :kissing_heart: xx

                                  • Laura H.

                                    Omg faith would love this

                                    • Laura A.

                                      Lexi would love this, she’s lol obsessed :see_no_evil: I need to teach her to do her bike without stabilisers :see_no_evil: xx

                                      • Stacy H.

                                        Thanks hun she’s been asking for this x