Fisher Price Big Action Digger Ride On £29.73 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Fisher Price Big Action Digger ride-on for £29.73 instead of £59.99.

My youngest son, up until a couple of years ago, was completely obsessed with JCBs in all their various guises - dump trucks, diggers, tractors, if it had JCB written on it then you can guarantee he'd be able to tell you all about it.

He seems to have grown out of that now, but he would have loved this Fisher Price Big Action Digger ride-on toy; he had something similar but it wasn't quite like this one.

His had pedals, a bucket at the front rather than a scoop, and it also had a trailer hitched to the back for carrying all the junk exciting things he found whilst we were out and about towing him along on his JCB ride-on - before he was old enough/strong enough to pedal for himself, we'd attach a long lunge rein to the front and pull him along; he loved it.

This Fisher Price Big Action Digger ride-on doesn't have any pedals, so it'll need to be scooted on, and it doesn't have a trailer; however, it does have a proper working scoop with controls to operate it and it makes realistic (apparently) digger noises too.

You'll need to have three AA batteries at the ready because they're not included (BOOOO!) but, on the plus side, your Fisher Price Big Action Digger ride-on comes in certified frustration free packaging (HURRAH!).

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