Electric Ride-On Toy Go Kart £39.99 @ Maplin

I can guarantee this electric ride-on toy go kart will earn you more parental brownie points than you could ever wish for, if you put it under the Christmas tree for your little boy in just 38 days time.

Both my boys would have loved this electric ride-on go kart - in fact, so would my daughter as she's never been a huge fan of girly pink versions of things - and most of Christmas day would have been spent 0utside with them 'racing' up and down the driveway.

This electric go kart won't be breaking any speed limits any time soon, as it only goes two miles per hour, it does have a racing bucket seat though and a paint job that looks suspiciously like the Benetton F1 racing colours of yesteryear (back in the days when Michael Schumacher used to drive for them - I'm showing my F1 age now!).

It's battery operated - thankfully, with a more substantial battery (6v 7Ah SLA battery, if that means anything to you!) than your average AAs.  Can you imagine the number of AA batteries it would take to power an electric ride-on go kart!?

The usual price for this electric go kart is £69.99; Maplin are selling it for £39.99 and this price is in place until 24 December - that's for all the people who leave their Christmas shopping until the VERY last minute!

Thanks to Sarafan at HUKD

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