Dolu Ride-On Tractor with Trailer £32 (was £100) @ Halfords

Dolu Ride-On Tractor with Trailer £32 (was £100) @ Halfords

This is a great buy for the kids this summer, as this Dolu Ride-On Tractor with Trailer is now less than half price at Halfords! It was originally priced at £100, which seems a little high to me, you can now get it for just £32 including delivery! It's listed at £40, but use the code TOYS20 and you get a further 20% off.

This is a pedal operated ride-on tractor that comes with a trailer attached at the back, so your kids can play at being farmers or builders in the garden.

It's designed for children aged three and over, and it has an adjustable seat, a horn, and the trailer can be detached from the back too.

There's free home delivery as this is over the £30 minimum spend, or you can click and collect from Halfords stores for free depending on local stock levels.

That TOYS20 code will give 20% off any Ride On Toys* at Halfords, and it expires on 21st July. You can find that Halfords voucher code plus lots more for other retailers over in our voucher section.


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  • Lucille B.

    ahh James could have one just like dada! X

    • Natalie H.

      His cousins already have a couple of these!

    • Emily A.

      1st birthday ideas for Lucas :blue_heart: xxx

      • Joanne C.

        Ooh that's what we've been thinking of getting him cx

        • Emily A.

          He would love it! He's obsessed! I love it when he says Tractor :heart_eyes: xx

          • Joanne C.

            I know he is definitely obsessed. He now loves watching videos of them on you tube xx

          • Hannah L.

            he'd love it!! Ha ha but it looks massive! X

            • Sarah H.

              I'll get on to Grandad tonight :thumbsup:

            • Katie H.

              harry would love this for his birthday!

              • Kirsty E.

                what's one more to the collection? :joy::thumbsup_tone1:

                • Jay R.

                  I've just seen this n prayed you wouldn't see it!

                  • Kirsty E.


                  • Rebecca R.

                    That's ace, Owen just seen it and went oh wow Mum xx

                    • Jack S.

                      I wiz totally just thinkin we shoild get him a tractor lol

                      • Elaine L.

                        My garden looks like a toy shop! No more!

                        • Sarah R.

                          Just ordered for my boys 3rd birthday, BARGAIN!!

                          • Brendan M.

                            Ill order this on friday lv xx

                            • Debbie H.

                              They've had one for a while. It's made many trips down to the shops :joy::joy:

                              • April K.

                                never can have 2 many tractors in our garden xxx

                                • Beth M.

                                  Oooo Charlie would love this!

                                  • Helen S.

                                    If only I had space for him to use it :weary:

                                    • Danielle B.

                                      He has one!!! :see_no_evil: just can't quite peddle it yet!! :joy::joy: xx

                                      • Joe M.

                                        Wee man would love it haha

                                        • Tyler P.

                                          thought this was a bargain for little F

                                          • Lauren M.

                                            He would love that!!! Xx

                                          • Gemma H.

                                            Toby the driver, Lottie and Denis on the trailer! Just got it for Xmas!!! X

                                            • Ruth B.

                                              Maddie can drive and Mason can go in the trailer :blush:

                                              • Lisa I.

                                                Perfect for the wedding!

                                              • Laura B.

                                                Put it away for Christmas! Xx