CAT (Caterpillar) Pedal Dumper Truck £32.48 @ Tesco Direct

CAT (Caterpillar) Pedal Dumper Truck £32.48 @ Tesco Direct

catTruckMy youngest has one of these Caterpillar Pedal Dumper Trucks and he absolutely ADORES it!

Winter, summer, rain or shine - that's how when and how often he'd play with his ride-on dumper truck, but I draw the line at standing over him with a big golfing brolly so he can play digging and construction in the rain; ohhh the tears and the tantrums we've had!

This is a rather fabulous deal in my opinion as Tesco have reduced the price of this CAT dumper truck from £64.97 down to £32.48. I rather suspect that they will all drive off the virtual shelves pretty quickly so PLEASE, if you want one of these don't um and ah over whether to buy-or-not-to-buy for too long; early birds and worms and all that!

This would make a great main birthday pressie for an enthusastic mini construction engineer, or a fab time to grab a bargain ahead of time for Christmas (ooops, I mentioned the BIG C word again!) if you've got somewhere secret you can store it, a grandparent's house perhaps?

This CAT pedal dumper truck is chain driven, has anti-slip pedals, a tipping front dumper (this is his favourite part of all!), rear hitch-pin and rugged style wheels and is suitable from three years onwards.

Collect in store for free or pay £5 for next day delivery.

Thanks to dufus124 over at HUKD!


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  • Matt
    Sold out now, but there is an electric bike jobby for £50 (girls and boys colours available!)