Batman 6V Battery Operated Trike £56.99 (was £149.99) @ Argos

Batman 6V Battery Operated Trike £56.99

If you're looking for a ride-on toy for your kids they don't come much cooler than this one! The Batman 6V Battery Operated Trike is now on Clearance at Argos, down to just £56.99 from £149.99! That's more than 60% off!

This bike includes a 6V rechargeable battery and the charger, and has a play time of around 60-90 minutes before it will need recharging. It's for children aged three and over with a maximum weight of 30kg. It has a maximum speed of 3km/h so they're not going to be driving off at break neck speed, and it has forward and reverse gears.

This looks like a ton of fun for little Batman fans, and this is the lowest price we have seen for this ride-on, and a genuine bargain price.

There's lots of stock about, and you can reserve and collect from stores for free, though with it's size it might be easier to pay the £3.95 for home delivery, especially as that is a same day service in lots of areas.

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  • Emma M.

    Omg :heart_eyes: I want one for myself xx

  • Lindsay A.

    No she wants a real motorbike :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Suzanne B.

    So tempted it's such a good price too :thinking:

  • Jo S.

    Haha! He'd love that I'm sure!

  • Ashleigh C.

    I would if he was older! Aged 3 + he'd look so little on it lol! X

  • Simone H.

    He's two this year so get it ordered now for next years birthday lol xx

  • Ashleigh C.

    Need to get a bigger house first! To accommodate all these toys haha! Xx

  • Chris W.

    I so need one of these........I mean Jack needs one of these..:joy:

  • Kirsty H.

    Omg how cool :) Louise needs this then they can race :) xx

  • Sheryl W.

    Now that's a bike!! That's soo cool. Ooft Sam wouldn't stand a chance haha x

  • Louise E.

    So need it, drag race with little man lol x x

  • Paul P.

    Is there a Marvel equivalent??

  • Sarah E.

    how much would harry love this :joy:

  • Tracey M.

    Could see Josh on this x

  • Vicky P.

    think Noah needs this xx

  • Carrie T.

    - I can see Paulie on a motorbike!

  • Claire R.

    Omg that’s Amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Colleen B.

    Sure is. He can be just like Daddy hehehe :heart_eyes: xx

  • Sarah D.

    That’s pretty cool, but I can’t do it. I wouldn’t cope with the arguments!

  • Jez S.

    OMG he would love this ! X

  • Sarah D.

    I knew you’d say that! No, they’ve got legs.

  • Dominick S.

    I like this :pray_tone1::pray_tone1:

  • Aisling S.

    No chance :joy::joy: she woild love it tho lol

  • Dawn M.

    I can catch him as it is lol hes hyper xx

  • Garry S.

    He's got two already! I'll just stick some bats to it

  • Amanda M.

    Just run faster think of how fit you will be x

  • Lucy C.

    Haha think they would love this xx

  • Beth M.

    He would of loved it! Never mind x

  • Gillian C.

    Eeeek he would look so cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:xx

  • Sarah C.

    Amazing!! You mean for me right?! Xx

  • Laura G.

    Hahaha we could get 2 and race. :joy::joy: xx

  • Sarah C.

    Good plan! The race is On!!

  • Laura G.

    Just imagine.... happy birthday riley and happy birthday paige just what you've always wanted.... see ya. :bicyclist:‍♀️:bicyclist:‍♀️:joy::joy:

  • Julie E.

    Yeah I thought the same xx

  • Zoe E.

    Oh wow! I love this, I've got him everything now tho :cry: I'll have ask nicely haha xx

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