Baby Weavers Rocking Animals Rocking Toys £39.90 @ Kiddicare


I've just spent ages looking at all the different Baby Weavers Rocking Animal rocking toys on offer over at Kiddicare!  

They're all the same price - £39.90 instead of £90 - so you can narrow the field down by price first, you just have to go with whichever one you think will be the most liked by whomever you're buying it for!

I have a soft spot for rocking toys and if they made them for grown ups, I'd HAVE one!  There's something very soothing about rocking backwards and forwards and when you're little, something extra great about the 'rocking thing' being in the guise of an animal which you can ride.

You can choose from a Rocking Animal dog, a blue pony (original, I thought!), or a green frog; I thought he was rather cute until I discovered the Rocking Animal giraffe - I've been smitten with giraffes ever since I got up close and personal with one in Africa last year!

There's also an elephant (I'm very fond of those too), a ladybird, a bear, a bumblebee and a teddy - now you can see where it gets tricky to make a choice! - and a few other ones on top of all those.

They're soft and plush and padded; their frames are wooden and they're suitable for little rockers aged nine months or older.

There's nothing extra to pay for delivery of your rocking animal, so £39.90 is going to be your total investment; hurrah!

Happy rocking!

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