20% Off Selected Smart Trikes @ Early Learning Centre

20% Off Selected Smart Trikes @ Early Learning Centre

smart trike

Starting from just £39.99, The Early Learning Centre have Smart Trikes on offer. There are six different ones to choose from, all with 20% off. I am a fan of these and in fact my son got something similar yesterday, for his 1st birthday. Kids love them and they are way more fun than a stroller, although sometimes us parents may not think so, but they are nice when out for a leisurely stroll.

The cheapest out of the six Smart Trikes is the Smart Trikes Carnival* it was reduced from £49.99 to just £39.99. The ELC describe it as giving as smooth as a ride as a stroller, and it's easy to steer.

Next up is the Vanilla Smart Trike it comes in two different colours, blue* and pink*, so to cater for boys and girls. This one was £59.99 and is now only £47.99. The other three included in the offer are: Spark*, Dream* and Recliner*.

With all of these Smart Trikes you can collect them for FREE from your nearest Early Learning Centre. All bar the Carnival are available for FREE delivery.


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