YooMoo Frozen Yogurt Review

29 January 2011

YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt Three Desserts On American television programmes they often go out for a frozen yogurt, like it is a treat. What, I've often thought to myself, could be so fantastic about frozen yogurt? I've tried some of the stuff you can buy here, and it tastes like, well, yogurt; just really cold and solid.

YooMoo is a bit different. To start with, it was inspired by those frozen yogurt places you find in the US. And for another, the yogurt comes out of soft serve machines. It looks just like the sort of ice cream you might get from an ice cream van, in a 99 cone.

We tried two of the yogurts off the menu. These were the Kickstart Moo (£8.50) and the Chocolatetwist Moo (£8.95). And one make your own YooMoo yogurt - I asked for Madagascan vanilla with hot banana and caramel sauce (£8).

YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt Greek YoghurtKickstart Moo is the yogurt you'll want if you're into healthy eating. It is made up of natural frozen greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, slices of banana and granola. The portion size was a third bigger than the other two yogurts. The yogurt is very sweet, you can really taste the honey. Which I found delicious. My friend, who ordered the yogurt, doesn't like sweet stuff and found it too much. Her loss, my gain. Oh yes I finished it. Possibly why I feel so full now.

YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt ChocolateFunnily enough, the Chocolatetwist Moo (belgian chocolate and madacasgan vanill frozen yoghurt with milk and white chocolate buttons) was the least sweet of the three. It tasted properly chocolately.

Then there was my divine piece of heaven. My waitress mis-heard me - I got chocolate and vanilla together. But I'm not complaining. I thought the sauce would be a sort of caramel and banan mix, but in fact it was hot caramel with slices of banana. It was very sticky, very sweet, and delicious.

YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt Caramel and BananaThe hot sauce doesn't melt the yogurt too much, and the two compliment each other nicely.

The store makes a big thing of the fact that the yogurt is fat-free, has nothing artificial in it (including sweeteners), is full of  prebiotics and probiotics, and is made from the milk of British cows. Fat free does not mean sugar free though, and the yogurts we sampled were very sweet.

But who cares really? These are not yogurts you're going to pig out on every week. Prices for a bowl start at around £8. At that price, a YooMoo is very much a treat, and OH MY GOODNESS what a treat these are. I am sitting here writing this hours later still too full to eat dinner.

There are now YooMoo's spread dotted around England and in Wales. Although it is still a small chain, it is growing. You'll find them in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Milton Keynes, and Bluewater in Kent.

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