Razor Sharp Review

Men's razors and blades are normally kept under lock and key in supermarkets and pharmacy's these days. There's a jolly good reason for this. They're expensive, and therefore targetted by shoplifters. So when I found out about a product, the Razor Sharp12.99) that helps extend the life of a razor blade, I  figured it was worth checking out. After all, anything that helps you save money in the long term has to be a good thing, right?

My husband's facial hair grows quite quickly. He generally has to shave twice a day. He couldn't wait to get started with the Razor Sharp. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but just a sort of block thing wasn't what I had in mind. I guess I thought it was going to look like some kind of old fashioned strop.

You put shaving gel or foam on this and use it to clean your razor. According to Razor Sharp's website, blades don't become unusable because they're blunt, but because of the residue that builds up on them from use. It cites 3 to 4 days of shaving for a blade to lose its sharpness, and 7 days before they're so uncomfortable they need replacing.

It is possible to use the Razor Sharp on any kind of blade. So my husband put it to the test. After the first week we didn't notice any kind of difference. After two weeks, still no kind of difference. I hadn't read the website at this point, and it wasn't until I did that I realised what the problem might be.

We already practice everything going to lengthen the life of a razor. It isn't kept in or near the shower. The razor is fully cleaned, and dried properly after every use. And it is kept in a dry location between uses as well. My husband usually gets six weeks of use out of a blade.

The website claims that you can get 150 shaves out of a blade using the Razor Sharp. For my husband, shaving twice a day, I worked this out to be 10 weeks.

He carried on using the Razor Blade, and yes we did make it to the 10 week mark. Just. That's two weeks more than the usual technique of cleaning the razor and drying it thoroughly with a clean flannel. Not really a huge amount but it would definitely add up over time.

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