Poundland Summer Range Review

Poundland Summer Range Review It is summertime. Honest. I know it doesn't really feel like it, especially compared to the heatwave we had back in April. But the long range forecast says we'll get some more sunshine and warm weather in August, minus the rain we've had in July.

So, taking a big risk of jinxing it all, we agreed to take a look at the summer range available at Poundland. I thought it would all be a lot of tat, to be honest. So wasn't too disappointed to hand over reviewing duties to PlayPennies mum of one Theresa.

The joke was on me it would seem, she got some really lovely stuff! So here's how she found them, and whether it's worth forking out for these items or not. Unless otherwise stated you can safely assume they're £1.

Ladies Straw HatStraw hats mums and tots

A summer hat needs to keep the sun off your head, but also keep you cool. Straw does the job admirably, and straw hats are particularly in fashion this year. In fact, I have to admit, I've already bought a straw hat from Poundland.

Theresa liked the pink girl's hat she received for her daughter, however it was unravelling a bit. This was fixable with needle and thread. "It is ever so pretty in pink or white, with beads making your little ones look beyond cute." When it came to the ladies' hats there's not much to say. They do the job, are bright and sunny and come in a range of  good colours. "For a pound these are superb value for money as summer accessories."

Paper LanternSummer paper lantern

These Decorated Paper Lanterns need two AAA batteries, which are not included. So while it is £1 for the lantern, the £3 for the batteries pushes the price up.

Theresa thought that they were "nice for garden decor but a bit expensive overall for what you get." She gave them 5/10 for value, 7/10 for quality, 8/10 for ease of use. "Lovely colours and they come with a plastic support to make them form the perfect lantern shape." While she thought they were great for a garden party, and would probably last all summer, she didn't think they would for much beyond that.

Mosaic LanternMetal tea light lanterns

Theresa received the white and green Mosaic Lanterns. There's also one in black. These were a definite hit. "They're really pretty. I love these. Dropped them, knocked them, stayed solid." She did find that it was difficult to light the tea lights unless you have long matches but thought that was pretty standard for this type of thing. "Can't believe you get such pretty and decorative lanterns for only £1. I give them 9/10 for value and quality and general home awesomeness for summer."

Summer picnic

Poundland has introduced a range of Summer Style Melamine Patterned Picnicware. While each part of the range is available separately, you can buy the set for £8.

Theresa received the  floral pattern range with a large bowl for fruit salad (or for holding fruit), 4x bowls, 4x plates, dip tray with three sections, 5x tumblers, 1x tablecloth, 4x side plates. She thought the large bowl had lots of capacity.

While she thought these were reusable items that travelled well, which is good for outdoors and picnics, the overall quality wasn't so great. "One plate has already cracked and the plates feel flimsy in comparison to the tumblers." She liked the pattern and gave it 8/10 for design. But 10/10 for value. Her over verdict was that the picnic set offered "lots of variety and is a great buy for anyone looking to set up their summer picnic bag without spending a fortune."

Tablecloth weightsTablecloth weights

These Summer Style 4 Tablecloth Weights are just what you need to keep a table cloth down on a windy day. As long as it is a material cloth. Theresa found that they were too heavy for a plastic table cloth, stretching it on top.

You get four heavy metal weights in a pack, shaped like a dragonfly, beetle, bee and butterfly. Theresa comments that she was "really surprised these are £1 as they are solid and very pretty and would work wonderuflly with fabric tablecloth. Utter stunners." She gave them 10/10 for value as "these have been thrown all over the place and don't break."

Summer cocktail icecubes

Ice cubesThese are fab. They're reusable plastic ice cubes. You get 24 cubes in a variety of colours.

"I love this," Theresa says, describing them as "bonkers and cool." She thought they looked great in a long tall glass with coloured drinks. "The kids went nuts over these in their drinks."

She found them easy to wash, thought they would last well, and was pleased the "colours don't leak in a scary way". Her final verdict was: good value 7/10, looks 8/10, and madness 10/10.

6 umbrella lolly makers

These are lolly moulds shaped like umbrellas, and there are six of them. Hence the name of this item: 6 umbrella lolly makers. I love these sorts of things. I make my son ice lollies, to suck on during the summer, out of fruit juice. He can then get one of these for breakfast, and thinks it is a real treat.

The plus for me is that he'll eat all sorts of exotic flavours in an ice lolly that he refuses to drink.

However, out of all the items that Theresa looked at these were the most disappointing. "They have a non drip removable base but need a lot of wrestling to seal so make quite a mess if they have stuff in them." She also found them to be unstable and "if you don't wedge them tightly they fall over easily. Not great for squeezing into a freezer."

Although she thought they were cute to look, she didn't think they were worth buying. "Nice and cheap but not as good in terms of quality as the other items I have used."

Umbrella lolly makers

And finally ...

While Poundland doesn't sell online, there are stores all over the country. Use the store finder to find one near you. This is only a small selection of a rather cool range of summer accessories you can find in the store. All for a pound.

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