Nivea Black & White Deodorant Review

My quest for a deodorant that actually did what it said on the proverbial tin, when it came to not leaving any white marks on your clothes came to an end when Nivea launched their Black & White deodorant.

The absence of white marks on your clothes isn't its only claim, oh NO, Nivea also say their Black & White deodorant will prevent yellow stains on your white clothes for longer.

I've tried that many deodorants which promise 'no white marks' (including the not-inexpensive Mitchum that did leave white marks on my favourite evening dress ACTUALLY!) that I very nearly didn't bother trying Nivea's Black & White.

But ever the optimist, and helped along by a 99 pence instead of £2.09 launch offer earlier in the year, I bought one to try and I'm VERY glad I did!

Not only are my dark clothes white mark free, but so is my skin - you know, where it looks as though you've splashed talcum powder under your arms.  The under arms of my new white t-shirts are still sparkly white and the 48-hours of protection claim is also not exaggerated.

Nivea Black & White is available for both men and women and comes in different application options; roll-on, solid stick and spray;  I've only tried the roll-ons, in both 'flavours' - Pure and Clear.

Prices vary, depending on which application you prefer, but all are around the £2 and £3.

Superdrug currently have a 'better than half price' offer on Nivea Black & White male and female roll-on and spray - the same 99 pence that I originally bought mine for.

Tesco are also running some Nivea Black & White deodorant offers too, as are Boots with 3 for 2 deals.

If you're sick and tired of white and/or yellow marks on your clothes then try this Nivea Black & White deodorant, you'll be very glad you did.

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