Mira 360r Shower Head Review

There’s something incredibly soothing about a hot shower on a cold day – short of soaking in the tub, it’s a wonderful way of relaxing or re-energising when you don’t have much time, isn’t it?

Mira have launched a new range of shower heads, and we asked Lynley to test it out. The final verdict from her is 10/10 – worth every penny. Here’s how she breaks it down:

My first impression was one of surprise. It was a lot bigger and a bit heavier than I was expecting. We have a very basic shower fitting in our bathroom, the kind that goes over the bath and runs off the taps. It is the cheapest one you can buy at Wickes, so not exactly the best quality. I've wanted to get this changed for ages, and this shower head has helped me achieve that. This is because it is a little bit too big and heavy to fit securely in the fitting - I am worried it will come down. 

The action from the shower head is so amazing though, that my other half doesn't want to give it up! As a result he went down to B&Q the very next day looking for a new shower fitting.”

The shower heads come in chrome and white, or just white, and can be bought for £60.

"The one we got was chrome and white. This fits with the existing fittings in our bathroom, and it looks pretty good. It screwed into the existing shower hose without any problems at all. Again this is a cheap jobbie, just a fiver from B&Q, so I'd imagine this will fit any shower.”

"The shower head is quite wide, and the nozzles put a bit of pressure into the dispersal of the water. “Or at least that's how it feels,” Lynley said. “With our old, cheap, shower head I have to turn the hot water tap on full to get any sort of pressure and heat out of it. I only had to use it about half way with this shower head. And even then, with a little bit of playing about with it I think I could use even less water.

Lynley actually felt that this shower head provided water savings too, when she wasn’t playing with the nozzle. “When showering normally it took half as long as I would usually. It was just a lot easier to get shampoo out of my (long) hair for one thing. So again, that's a saving on time and on money as well.

There are four “unique spray” settings on the Mira 360r shower head. The “Rain” setting  is the ‘normal’ setting Lynley mentions above. Flip it over, and you ‘Storm’, which is described on the box as a ‘breath taking saturating downpour’.

“I loved this setting”, Lynley says. “It feels magnificent. Not the setting if you want to shave your legs! (she doesn’t say why) But my skin felt really refreshed and invigorated afterwards.” 

Turn the head on its side and you get the 'Cloud' setting. Turn it on the other side and you get 'Burst'. “I actually didn't find that much of a different between the two. Maybe that was because our shower fitting is also broken, so it is set on one height. As my husband is 6 foot, it is considerably higher than me (I am five foot, two and a quarter inches). He said that the “Burst” setting was a nice massage on his shoulders though. He works outdoors and can be doing anything from building environmental habitats for hedgehogs (yes, I'm not kidding) to making park benches out of scrap wood, so he enjoys the massage setting.”

The Good:

Overall this is a really good shower head, with the sort of settings you normally have to get fancy fittings for. You can use it in any property whether you're an owner or renting, if it has a shower, as it simply screws into any standard hose.

The shower head also comes with an allen key and instructions for taking apart so you can keep it clean. All in, it should last you ages, and you can take it with you when you move!

The Bad:

The bad is that well it does cost £60. However, you're going to make that money back simply on shorter showers and less hot water used. Plus if you move you can take it with you.

The Final Verdict:

We’ve already said it: 10/10… and now I might have to visit Lynley to try it out myself!



  • cartz
    £60 for a shower head...... am i missing something here?
  • LynleyOram
    Ha ha I know what you mean Cartz! And I'd have been the same myself until I tried it. Honestly the rest of my shower, which is over the bath, is the cheapest kit you can buy at Wickes. And I thought it did a pretty good job. But this shower head just threw out so much water. It felt good standing under it. And such a quick shower. I am now in and out in under five minutes, and when you've hair as long as mine that's a huge improvement.

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