Lakeland Ceramic Utility Knife Review

My other half reviewed some Salter Pro Sharp Professional knives for PlayPennies, and that set introduced me to just how wonderful a truly sharp knife is. Also how much respect you need for them (for the first few months I managed to cut my fingers every time I used one).

Browsing through the Lakeland catalogue (and who doesn't for the sheer pleasure of it?) I came across the Lakeland Ceramic Utility Knife. Now, at £14.99 I personally would balk at buying one. But could it be worthwhile? I desperately needed a new utility knife for the kitchen, so took a deep breath, and went for it.

The knife has a 10cm (4 inch) blade. It's made of zirconium ceramic, has a black mirror finish, and according to the website is "second only to diamond in durability, they will not rust, do not brown fruit or vegetables and are a lightweight joy to handle."

That was news to me as I had no idea that metallic knives could brown fruit and vegetables. At some point I'll have to look that up and find out how that works.

I use a knife to peel potatoes, and that was one of the most important tasks I had to set this knife. It peeled neatly, thinly, and most importantly, I didn't slice myself once. The knife made short work of crisp carrots, did not reduce my tomatoes to a pulp, and made separating meat from fat before cooking so easy I almost cried.

The knife comes with its own sheath, which is handy for putting in the drawer. I've also kept it in the foam cushion it came in, inside the box. Makes me feel like the junior version of a sharp shooting assassin.

The cons? There aren't any. Seriously. I absolutely love this knife. Would I recommend buying one though? That's a tough one to say. For nearly all the tasks that I used this knife for, I could have used my old paring knife bought for a few quid from Wilkinsons. This had lasted me five years before becoming unacceptably blunt.

However this knife is just the right size for dealing with meat, and it is light and easy to handle. If I get 15 years use out of it, the knife will definitely rank as value for money. I'll make sure I come back here and give you an update!

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  • LynleyOram
    An update on this. The knife was amazingly sharp, and just cut through everything like butter. It helped slice up 1800 oranges for my son's school sports day. And then it broke. The handle just came right off the blade. Not sure if glue will fix it but that is a huge disappointment. I think this is an expensive knife and would have expected it to last much longer. At least a year would have been good.

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