Eternal Spring Beauty Silk Pillowcase Review

silkPillowcase When Eternal Spring got in touch with us and asked if anyone who'd like to review one of their Beauty Silk Pillowcases, we put the call out to our testing panel for a volunteer.

Sam replied with such enthusiasm we could almost see her arm shoot up into the air as she cried, "OOOH! ME! ME!!!! OOH OOOH!!!" so we sent it teh pillowcase to her to see what she thought of it.

"When I was young and used to muse over the things I'd have when I was 'grown up' and had my own house, one of the things on my list was silk bedding," Sam told us.

"To me, it just symbolised luxury and something that little extra special; but it had to be white or ivory in colour not black or red, as that just seemed a bit 'Hugh Heffner' if you know what I mean!"

The Beauty Silk Pillowcase from Eternal Spring comes with the claim that by sleeping on it you'll be able to kiss goodbye to irritated dry skin and bad hair days.

Really? Just by sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

silkPillowcase4"I've been 'grown up' and living away from home now for the best part of 20 years and I still haven't got round to those silk pillowcases and sheets," Sam confesses. "I told lots of people that I was going to be sleeping on a silk pillowcase," Sam tells us, "and the most common comment was, "Don't slide of it! Hahaha!".

Well whilst the silk pillowcase was beautiful, silky and shiny to touch it didn't seem to feel as slippery once my head was on it."

So there was no sliding off the Eternal Spring silk pillowcase, but what about the beauty effect, those sleep lines and waking up with hair that's a little 'interesting' looking?

"I slept uninterrupted for a total of 13 hours that first night!" Sam exclaims, "That's pretty much unheard of for me and whilst I can't prove that it had anything to do with the Eternal Spring silk pillowcase, it did seem rather a coincidence for there to be no link at all."

Silk is a natural protein fibre,  is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, making it a good choice, and beneficial,  for people with sensitive skin or those who suffer from eczema and other similar skin complaints.

It's warm in winter and cool in summer which can help anyone suffering with menopausal night sweats; Sam told us that, on that basis alone, she'd be buying and sending her mum a couple of Eternal Spring Silk Pillowcases.

"I have to say I was rather intrigued as to HOW exactly it was going to stop bad hair days and make my skin look better," Sam noted.

silkPillowcase2Apparently, it's all to do with the smoothness of the silk that's spun by mulberry silk worms - they can spin up to a mile of thread in just two to three days (a little bit of silk worm trivia for you).

Your hair and skin glide across the Eternal Spring silk pillowcase rather than getting 'stuck' on cotton and, as a result, this can help prevent those rather 'attractive' sleep lines and creases that we've all woken up with before.

"I don't often wake up with those sorts of bedding patterns on my face anyway, but I can see how it would be difficult to get them sleeping on silk - it's just so soft and non-creasy and by that I mean that it doesn't wrinkle up under your skin, even though the pillowcase itself was lightly creased having been slept on."

Sam told us she slept on the pillowcase for a week and was very happy with it, it wasn't until she took it OFF her pillow that the differences really became very apparent.

"I was more than happy sleeping on the silk pillowcase," she said, "but can't say I noticed anything dramatic in terms of the condition of my hair until I put my usual cotton pillowcase back on, then I noticed a very big difference!"

Sam explained that her cotton pillowcases felt, almost, scratchy on her face in comparison.

silkPillowcase3She also has naturally curly hair that is regularly straightened; Sam told us if she gets too hot at night then the hair around the nape of her neck can start to frizz a little and begin to curl up again.

"I can say for sure that my hair did NOT go curly underneath whilst I was sleeping on the silk pillowcase, it's amazing how much of a difference I noticed by NOT sleeping on it!"

Sam also told us that it was easy to care for too.

"The instructions say that you should wash the silk pillowcase by hand for the first couple of washes and after that a gentle machine wash is fine."

And finally...

Sam says that she is now a confirmed fan of sleeping on silk and would recommend it to anyone, but would she recommend the price tag that comes with it?

"A single Eternal Spring silk pillowcase costs £19.95 and if I hadn't slept on one I'd think that was far too much to pay. But now, after sleeping on one and compared to my usual cotton pillowcases, I'd happily pay that price to sleep on silk pillowcases.

It's lovely and I'd recommend it everyone."

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