Cuski Baby Comforter Review

Let me start this review by saying that it ends better than it starts, so read to the end to get a full view of this product!

I am just not a fan of things that encourage separation between a mother and child. I don’t like parenting aids that give parents relief at the cost of a child’s attachment. Of course, that’s my parenting style, and different strokes for different folks and all that, but still, I was terribly sceptical about this product when it first arrived on my desk.

Cuskiboo is basically an organically grown bamboo comforter with a stuffed head and ‘hat’. It’s touted as being able to “help create a cozy, safe environment for your little one to drift off to sleep still feeling the closeness of you”.  CuskiBoo is designed to “soothe, calm and reassure you and your baby.”

Cuski BerryI find that to be quite a hefty claim, really. No matter how good it is, and how much of your smell it absorbs, it’s not going to give your baby your heartbeat or your warmth. That aside, however, the way the Cuski works is that you put it in your shirt for a few hours or overnight, and let it absorb your smell, later you put it in with your baby and your smell helps them settle better, even when you can’t be with them.

I know that this works as with my first I would often take my shirt off at the end of the day and put it in bed next to her until I could get to bed. It does help them smell you, which can certainly calm a baby or help them resettle, thinking that you’re close.

I was sent two Cuskis and at first couldn’t figure out why, but actually if I was going to buy it, I’d but the two pack because if you have one with you, or have to pop it in the wash – babies do spit up, after all, and mine likes sucking on the ‘hat’ bit – then you need to have the other one ready to go.

Speaking of the sucking, one of the benefits of the Cuski is said to be that it can replace a dummy (pacifier). I am not sure if that’s meant to be from the comfort perspective, or from sucking on it, but either way, it is better than using a dummy, at least on their teeth.


Cuski has won a  number of awards, including the Mumsnet Best, Bliss, Right Start Best Toy, FQ Top Gear Awards and the I’m Pregnant Magazine My Best Buy Award, so they’re obviously well accepted.

With one child it’s easy to respond to his or her needs immediately – or at least easier – and you can be there for them 24 hours a day. With two or more children, however, sometimes the baby just has to cry for a minute or two longer than you like. You can’t always drop everything and immediately respond. And sometimes, you have to go back to work earlier than you’d have preferred. Or worse, leave your little one in hospital when you go home.  In these situations, I think Cuskie is a wonderful idea, because while you are the ideal comforter for your baby, sometimes it’s just not possible, then I’d rather have something fit for purpose to be sure my baby isn’t unhappy without me.

In fact, Cuski is used in the SCBU and neonatal units in some hospitals, specifically because parents can’t be around all the time. For those situations, I think it’s perfect.

The Good

  • It’s a really nice product. As far as comforters go, it is really nicely made, of fantastic quality and a gorgeous material.
  • It beats a scrunched up T-shirt in the bed, and for a younger baby is probably safer than getting tangled up in said T-shirt.
  • The idea behind it is simple, but great. If something can give you those few extra minutes, that’s very helpful to a parent!
  • There are six colour options to choose from, including red, green, cream, two blues and pink – it’s so refreshing to find a baby product that gives colour options!

The Bad

  • They cost between £13.99 and £16.99 each, which is quite a lot.

The Verdict

Actually, I think it’s a fantastic idea, and a lovely, soft and quality product. I think it is open to abuse, but that’s not the product’s fault or failing. When used as intended I really like it, and if it helps babies be happier and makes mums happier, then that’s not the worst thing in the world.

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  • 741803august
    I agree entirely I was sceptical when I received one as a gift for my 3rd baby. Now baby and me honestly could not live without Cuski it has been a godsend, especially at times of tiredness, teething and separation it really does soothe and help my baby to relax and in turn me too. Now he is more active I have bought the reddy one to use when we go out and about. I love it that they are not a cheap and horrible fleecy material and you can easily tuck them in to your bag when on the move. Lovely review by the way Jeez, Fairford XX

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