Cathedral City Chedds Lunchbox Snacks Review

cathedralCityChedds One of the things I loathed most about my children's early school days, was making packed lunches.

I rejoiced when their schools introduced school canteens that had hot meals, a sandwich bar and a pasta bar; I didn't even need to send them off with money, I simply paid the school direct and the kids chose whatever took their fancy on any particular day.

However, not all schools offer this service, so sending your child off to school clutching their lunchbox is your only option.

Cathedral City - of cheese fame - have come up with some new cheesy lunchbox snack ideas and we asked PlayPennies mum, Tanya, to review them for us.

Chedds Nibbles

cathedralCityCheddsNibblesThe Chedds Nibbles are exactly what they sound like - little square nibbles of cheddar cheese.

Tanya tells us that they are  the perfect size for lunchboxes and come in a soft packet, allowing you to squeeze them into the corners to take up the last little bit of space.

"You get six small packets in one big one for £1.50 [from Tesco] which I thought rather excellent value for money," says Tanya.

"The packaging has cute facts on it too, like 'To beat the world's fastest rapper say, 'happy birthday' 231 times in a minute'," she continues, "which I obviously tried, and failed, to do."

Tanya did have one niggle, however; she says she found the mini packets incredibly difficult to open.

"I pulled and tugged and pulled again with no result. Until I read the packet and it has this little mark saying "tear here" which is great for an adult," she explains, "but for a child who isn't quite up on their reading yet may prove a bit difficult when trying to consume their lunch at school."

Tanya says that the little squares of Cathedral City cheese are extremely tasty and were given the seal of approval from every member of her family; they are full fat cheese though so if you're on a diet, or like to keep an eye on your fat consumption, then do be careful.

Overall, Tanya thinks the Cathedral City Chedds Nibbles are an excellent, nutritious and cost effective snack, "At the current Tesco price of £1.50 a packet of 6, you have an entire week of lunchbox snacks sorted out," she concludes.

Chedds Cheese And Toasties

cathedralCityCheddsCheeseAndToastiesChedds Cheese and Toasties vary in price depending on where you shop.

At the moment Ocado (online Waitrose) are selling them for £1.99 whereas Tesco are selling them for £1.50.

You get three boxes in a pack which each contain six flat squares of cheese and six little slices of melba toast.

"You plonk your cheese square onto the mini toast bite and crunch," explains Tanya, "They're a little on the messy side, these chaps, but extremely yummy. ANd I mean extreeeemley yummy."

Tanya also feels they would make a great grown-up mid-morning snack too.

However, she is a little disappointed in, what she feels is, their excess packaging, "Each of the three boxes has an easy pull-off lid that opens up to reveal even MORE packaging on the inside - a foil wrapped case!" she exclaims.

That said, they are easy to open and Tanya feels they are still a nice lunchbox addition.

As you only get three lunchbox snacks for your £1.50 (or £1.99 if you can't bring yourself to shop at Tesco) Tanya is of the opinion that the Chedds Cheese and Toasties are more of a special treat, than a daily one.

"I have used them on the days when my daughter is at school until late with after school clubs so she has a special treat to enjoy in the afternoon," she reveals.

Tanya has rated the Chedds Cheese and Toasties - she gives them a 9 out of 10 for taste, flavour and yumminess but a 6 out of 10 for packaging and price.

Chedds Bricks

cathedralCityCheddsBricksTanya tells us that she had a devil of a job buying Chedds Bricks.

Every time she went into her local store they would be sold out; well, Cathedral City is reported to be the nation's favourite cheese!

You get eight individually wrapped cheddar bricks, each weighing 18g, for the grand price of £1.50 - again, from Tesco.

"These Chedds Bricks are NOT for the faint cheese hearted!" warns Tanya.

"My daughter doesn't like cheese sometimes, in fact, her relationship with cheese is decidedly odd," she continues, "she will sometimes hoover it up and other times reject it utterly."

The Chedds Bricks were firmly placed on Tanya's daughter's rejection list.

"I think it was just too much cheese in one sitting as opposed to the nibbly-yummyness of the Nibbles and Toasties," she explains.

However, Tanya loved them!

She says she found them perfect for snacking on when she didn't have time, or the inclination, to make a fancy lunch for herself, "I threw them onto bread or into a salad - which, by the way, the Nibbles do nicely for too - and munched on them to give me an energy boost during the day."

Tanya doesn't recommend the Chedds Bricks for kids' lunchboxes unless they are cheese devotees; she says the Nibbles and Toasties are much more subtle and fun, whereas the Bricks just shout 'CHEESE!'

She gave the Chedds Bricks a rating too, "Taking into consideration the price, the value for money, flavour and quality, I give the Cathedral City Chedds Bricks a 9 out of 10 overall."

And finally...

Tanya is, clearly, very happy with the new Cathedral City Chedds lunchbox snacks; she feels the pricing is fair and, apart from the Bricks, they were a big lunchtime hit with her school-going daughter.

The cheese is 100% pure cheddar, not processed and doesn't contain anything weird and not-so-wonderful.

Call me a cynic, but I couldn't help wondering whether it would work out cheaper to buy a big block of Cathedral City cheddar then cut it up into cubes and thin slices yourself; I got busy with the calculator...

In Tesco a 350g block of mild Cathedral City costs £3.85; the cost per gram works out at  1.1 pence.

Applying the same maths to the Chedds snacks (dividing cost by grams) the numbers look like this:

  • Chedds Nibbles - £1.50 for 6 x 18g = 1.38 pence per gram
  • Chedds Cheese and Toasties - £1.50 for 3 x 33g = 1.51 pence per gram (although this one includes toast too, remember)
  • Chedds Bricks - £1.50 for 6 x 18g = again, 1.38 pence per gram.

I was pleasantly surprised, I'll be honest. Usually snacks of this ilk are overpriced for not very much and something you could easily put together yourself.

For the sake of half a pence per gram, maximum, between a big block of Cathedral City cheese and their Chedds, I'm more than happy to let Cathedral City do all the cubing, slicing, toasting and packaging for me!

What do you think?

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