Boots No7 Foundation Match Made Review

Chances are, unless you've been living on the moon for the last month, that you will have seen an advert somewhere - whether it be on the TV, on Facebook, somewhere on an advertising sidebar, or in a magazine - for the new Boots No7 Foundation Match Made service.

Promising to match a perfect foundation to your skin tone is one thing, plenty of the large cosmetic companies do that, but actually delivering on that promise is something else altogether.

I gave up trying to work out how many foundation mistakes I've made over the years; none of them were seriously big ones, but the holy grail of the perfect foundation for my skin tone has, up to now, eluded me.

I have a light olive colouring - I cannot wear yellow or pale pastel colours, they just make me look very unwell; I rarely burn in the sun and very quickly turn a rather lovely deep bronze colour, but in the winter I can be quite pale (for me at least).

Trying to match a foundation to the, not insignificant, colour shift across the seasons is not fun; nothing I've ever bought to date has been quite right, has involved a lot of wasted money and blending of various colours to try and get something to match.

So when an email landed in my inbox from Boots, promising that my mismatched foundation to skin tone days were over, I was skeptical and  decided: what better way to validate my skepticism than to put them to the test!

I went to my local Boots store, I booked my appointment (you don't need to book, but the No7 Foundation Match Made service had just been launched and they were BUSY!) and mooched around, smelling perfume, until it was my turn (I must tell you that Marc Jacobs new perfume 'Dot', is rather lovely!).

Once I was sat in the chair my face was cleansed, toned, moisutrised and then analysed with a small hand held device that measures the colours in my skin and tells the nice No7 lady which foundation colour is perfect for me.

I am Boots No7 Foundation Match Made 'Wheat' and it IS perfect!

I was given a sample of 'Wheat' in the Protect and Perfect formula - there are others depending on your skin type and the sort of coverage you like - and with no hard sell, I merrily went on my way.

Wheat looked great in the store but it was only when I got back to the car, and looked at myself in harsh daylight, that I realised what a TRIUMPH the Boots No7 Foundation Match Made service is.

It took just 48 hours of living with, and a lot of looking at, my new 'Wheat' colour to see me back at my local Boots counter clutching various 'Wheat' goodies and feeling utter relief that my search for the perfect foundation has finally come to an end.

If you wear foundation then you MUST go and put Boots and their No7 Foundation Match Made service to the test yourself; you won't regret it, it's free and with No7 Match Made foundation prices starting at £12.50 it's not bank busting either. *

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