Workshop Wednesday: Pine Cone Animals

17 October 2012

Well, it's just about time to break out the chestnuts and as I write this, my fingers are aching from being so cold. We had a beautifully sunny day on the weekend, perfect for walking in the forest and collecting pine cones.

I must admit that when you leave things in the surprisingly capable hands of children, anything can happen! In this case, those two little guys at the back? They're snails. The one at the front is a rather unfortunate bird, and the six legged insect is, well, six legged. Not bad for a half hour's crafty fun.

You'll need:

  • Pine Cones
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • And then anything else  for the rest of the body: play dough, pipe cleaners, felt or paper to name a few.

To put them together you need serious imagination - or a toddler!

Just wrap, mould, shape and contort pipe cleaners, cut wings, use play dough or plasticine for wings, pop a hat out of paper on top... the options are limitless really.

We used play dough to stick the eyes on the snails and that worked really well, because it made it look like eyebrows.

This isn't really a 'permanent' craft. I think part of the fun of it was being able to undo all but my daughter's favourite one and return the pine cones where they came from - or if you have a fire place, using them there. It was still a fun activity and a great way to spend some quiet and relaxed moments together.

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