Workshop Wednesday: Home Made Sensory Lighting

5 December 2012

What gift do you give someone who doesn't want anything, need anything, or have much room for anything? Well, this Christmas my Grandmother is getting some home made lighting from us, so I thought I'd share the how to with you.

You'll need:

  • A canvas
  • Paint & brushes
  • Battery operated string lights - make sure to get the type that separates the shaped light (the flowers in my example) from the actual bulb, so you can stick it through.

To start with, my three year old painted the canvas red. We have one of these for ourselves, with the canvas left white it works too, but when the lights aren't on, it looks quite bleak, so painting it makes it look better.

Once she had made it all red, I painted a flower on it, because I'm no artist, but flowers I can just about manage. Initially I thought a haphazard toddler design would be nice, but she got bored, so I finished it off.

Once the paint dries, pierce holes in the canvas where you want your lights to go. If you're after precision, mark out points on the canvas before you start painting so you know where to centre your flower and so on. Stick the lights through from the back, and pop the covers on the front.

Switch on, hang up, and enjoy your home made sensory lighting.

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