Dominos Coupon: 40% Off £35

Dominos Coupon: 40% Off £35

Dominos Coupon: 35% Off £30Use this Dominos coupon promotional code to get 40% off your pizza order when you spend £35 or more. A handy way to start the summer holidays off with a treat and save on cooking. This code is valid this weekend only.

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  • Discount: 40%
  • Minimum spend: £35
  • Voucher code: TSGRQVJU
  • Expires: 29th July 2013

The pizza chain issues lots of discount codes, but they all tend to be localised so can only be used in one small area. This code is meant to be a national one, and it worked for me in south London. From the comments on our sister site HUKD, it looks like it works around the country - so far it has worked in London, Aberdeen, Leeds, Chatham, Derbyshire, Edinburgh.

To use the code, click on Checkout when you've finished placing your order. In the first page of checkout, enter the code in the Voucher code box and click Update.

You can't use this code on deals or desserts. I tested it out on two pizzas at £17.99, and the code worked just fine.

You'll find all Dominos coupons in our vouchers section!

Thanks to Leedslass4 at HUKD!


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