50% Off When You Spend £20 Or More @ Pizza Hut Delivery

50% Off WYS £20 @ Pizza Hut Delivery

Is it takeaway night yet? If you fancy skipping the cooking and grabbing a pizza take a look at this awesome offer from Pizza Hut Delivery! You can get 50% off when you spend £20 in their Easter offer!

There's no code needed, as the discount is applied automatically, so just add your fave pizzas and when your total hits £20 or more you'll get 50% off!

This offer is not available at dine-in restaurants, and does not apply to extras like pizza base upgrades, drinks, and extras, but any pizza will be half price.

This offer is for a limited time only and we do not have an end date, so better get your order in quick!

Happy Feaster!


  • Tess A.

    Yasssssssss :pizza::pizza::pizza: (no pepperoni pls :joy::joy::joy:)

  • Alisha K.

    You've made me even more hungry xxx

  • Helen L.

    I just pinched some of the kids pizza :pig:

  • Emma J.

    I'm starving :sob::sob: xxx

  • Hazel R.

    I so wish I could be eating that right now

  • Nicky K.

    Now I want pizza! :pizza::pizza::pizza: xx

  • Conroy R.

    Oof! Half price Hut vs cheating on Doms! That’s a tough one!

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