NEW L.O.L Surprise! Pyjamas £12 @ Matalan

L.O.L Surprise! Pyjamas

My daughter and her friends are huge L.O.L Surprise! fans so I was super excited to spot these L.O.L Surprise! Pyjamas which have just arrived at Matalan.

I am sure they are going to sell fast as there isn't a huge amount of character clothing for L.O.L Surprise! on the high street yet, snap them up while you can.

These awesome pyjamas are available for just £12 at Matalan. They start in age 4 years and go up to 10 years.

These L.O.L Surprise! pyjamas are made from soft cotton and include a short sleeve t-shirt and long length bottoms. They feature fun prints of the L.O.L mini dolls in pink, purple and blue.

Don't forget you can also save up to £20 with these Spend and Save Codes at Matalan.

You can Click and Collect your order for FREE from a Matalan store near you, or pay £3.95 for Home Delivery.

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  • Sophie P.

    Ohhhhh miss Olivia would love these wouldn’t she :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:

    • Laura S.

      I've already ordered them for her... cannot believe we walked to matalan to collect a jacket for Joe today as well... should be had a look xx

  • Jane H.

    Ellis would love these xx

  • Katy S.

    Thanks! I’ll get her them for her birthday x

  • Chloé M.

    Do they do adult sizes too? I would love theses :joy::joy:xx

  • Lyndsey B.

    Shaun Burgess got to get these for our amazing princess xxx

  • Kate H.

    Ooh thank you! On it. Birthday present!

  • Elise B.

    I’m gonna have to get her these :ok_hand_tone2: thanks hun! Xx

  • Chloe W.

    Do you reckon I could squeeze into an age 10?

  • Tammy H.

    Oh my days! They really would x

  • Danielle M.

    You no who would like these :rolling_eyes:

  • Gail D.

    Stop making me spend money Anita :joy::joy::joy:

  • Victoria P.

    Haha they’d love these :heart_eyes:

  • Sherri T.

    Thanks soph, def getting Bailee these, she will be eager to go to bed then!! :joy:

  • Karen W.

    Great minds, was just going to do same tag :joy::joy:x

  • Gail D.

    :cry: I'm going to be bankrupt :joy:

  • Abigail F.

    Gracie says I want those :joy:

  • Sophie B.

    No worries, haha bless her. She’ll love them xx

  • Nikki G.

    Lol, no probs! When I seen them I instantly thought of your lol doll crazy girl...:blush: xx

  • Sarah T.

    I already showed Claire these lol xx

  • Denise A.

    Get her them then :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Liz B.

    Hopefully they would help bedtime :wink:

  • Laura S.

    Oh she would love these would never get her out of them lol thanks Jo will get them ordered tonight x :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: wonder if they do mum sizes lol x

  • Adelle M.

    The thought was there haha :joy: I've set up to get an email when they are back in stock so will let you know when i get an email xx

  • Kasey S.

    Oh my life! Gracie would LOVE these! I’m gonna order them!:grimacing::grimacing: Get mags to look out in matalan for me, she’s always popping in there!:joy: xx

  • Sophie G.

    Where are these from Hun xx

  • Nikki B.

    Yeah she would love them lol xx

  • Kasey S.

    Yes!! Please do! If they have size 7 then grab them please!:grin: x x

  • Ellen J.

    My sis tagged me in these showed Ava them n she said get me them !

  • Vicky M.

    Is it bad I’ve already ordered them lol x

  • Laura F.

    Already got a pair on the way lol xxx

  • Melissa T.

    Aww are Liddy we’d love them x

  • Claire J.

    Noooooo I need things for her birthday lol xx

  • Kelly C.

    Oh dear looks like I’m going to have to purchase them x

  • Sarah-louise M.

    Not in yet ill keep checkin lol x

  • Aisha G.

    Lola would like these :heart_eyes:

  • Jessica-laine J.

    I seen them fri Already on order from matalan haha thanks hun xx

  • Rachel M.

    Yes seen that put your email address in xx

  • Kerry K.

    They would love these! :two_hearts:

  • Lauren B.

    Oh god it's slowly taking over x

  • Tara H.

    Just ordered the pj's. Isabelle's got a double so bedding no good :disappointed: xx

  • Danielle B.

    Omg need to buy her these haha

  • Gavin T.

    Yeah order them baby k will love them xxx

  • Lyne T.

    We should take a run no been in ages xxx

  • Beckie B.

    Aww I bet they wouldn’t have Lily’s size xxx

  • Tracy D.

    Auntie Dawn .Yes Yes Yes love your little miss pickles X X X

  • Moira M.

    MIss Freya would love these!!

  • Beckie B.

    I’ve looked they do it’s up to 10 years :heart_eyes::hearts:xxxx

  • Sasha J.

    arh she would love these x

  • Amber R.

    I ordered them Wednesday I think and there was only age 8,9,10 left then hopefully they’ll get more in or have some in store xx

  • Michaela H.

    Awww yeh she would love them :grinning::heart_eyes:xx

  • Nush L.

    Do they do adult sizes? :joy::joy: xx

  • Kerry B.

    As soon as I saw them I thought of Jessica x

  • Clare S.

    She would love these. A trip to Matalan needed. X

  • Sasha J.

    im gonna av to get um for er!! thank u xx

  • Sarah L.

    Omg she would go mad for these

  • Lorna H.

    I think they’re creepy with their big eyes. :joy::joy::joy: only £12 from matalan, bargain xxxx

  • Laura J.

    Omg yes. Emilia would lovvvee! !! These

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