Mummy & Daughter Matching Pyjamas From £7.09 @ Amazon

Mummy & Daughter Matching Pyjamas From £7.09

I have a house full of boys and I can't help but feel like I need to balance it out a bit with a daughter. If there was ever another reason it would be these Sleeptime Pj's from Amazon. They are matching pyjamas for mother and daughter. I don't think I have seen anything quite so adorable.

There are five different designs to choose from and they start from just £7.09.

Here they are...

If they don't float your boat, then My 1st Years sell some lovely ones too. They are more expensive but are absolutely gorgeous... Floral Ladies Pyjamas* just £31.50 and the matching Kids' Ones* are £19.60.

Delivery is FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you don't have Amazon Prime and you don't want to spend as much £20, then delivery is £3.99.

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  • Sophie W.

    The link won't work xx

    • PlayPennies

      Sorry Sophie, the links are all working fine here. :( Have you tried switching to the desktop site, sometimes the Facebook App can cause problems with links? Here's the full link if that helps:

    • Sophie W.

      PlayPennies it still says it, don't worry thank you anyway xx

    • Helen L.

      Working okay on my phone. They're on amazon Sophie.

    • Inna L.

      It's not working for me either

    • Tasha L.

      Not working :grin: highly disappointed, I was actually going to buy some

  • Leigh M.

    Most don't actually match :-(

  • Khadra D.


  • Nikki O.

    Their quite cute lol x

  • Claireandbri H.


  • Heidi R.


  • Tasha L.

    Omg :heart_eyes:

    • Emma S.


    • Tasha L.

      Is the link working for you? I can't get on there :frowning2:

  • Tasha L.

    Does anyone have the link to the actual site as it isn't working through playpennies

    • PlayPennies

    • PlayPennies

    • PlayPennies

    • PlayPennies

    • PlayPennies

      That's all five designs, hope those work for you! We're trying to find where the problem is as all links are working fine here, sorry about that. :)

    • PlayPennies

      Hey Tasha, which link wasn't working for you and what's the error message please? If you (or anyone else) could post or send us a screen shot so we can try and fix it that would be fab!

  • PlayPennies

  • Victoria S.

    They cool ain't they I'm the Same :cry: x

  • Maria T.

    Ahhhhhh love them ♡

  • Amy R.

    Omg yes:heart_eyes: love it! Im so getting them:two_hearts::two_women_holding_hands: xxx

  • Nicola P.

    not necessarily these like but matching! Xxxxxxx

  • Chrissy G.

    aww matching

  • Sylvia S.

    Love those

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