Character Dressing Gown & Pyjama Sets From £14 @ Asda George

Character Dressing Gown & Pyjama Sets £14

As the weather gets colder it's time to grab a dressing gown, and Asda have some fab new Dressing Gown & Pyjama sets for kids with their favourite characters on - and they're from just £14 per set! There's lots to choose from, including Paw Patrol, Thomas, Peppa Pig and more.

Here's what you can get from £14:

Most sets come in sizes from 1 year up to 6 years, with prices from £14 - £15 depending on size. The Tatty Teddy set has a larger range of sizes from 2 years up to 14 years and prices from £14 - £17.

Click and collect is free, or home delivery costs £2.95.


  • Samantha S.

    ... george pig for kian xx

  • Carla S.

    Still need to get pandora a dressing gown lol think this is a good deal xx

  • Claire D.

    Been looking for something like this x

  • Gillian B.

    Love the me to you bear ones :grin: very cute x

  • Carla A.

    I've already bought the Thomas one for Christmas ! X

  • Alexa R.

    The blue nose bear one is sweet x

  • Katie R.

    Only £14 for the set aswel! Xxxxxx

  • Lisa B.

    Aww George would love that

  • Ashleigh C.

    Amelia would :two_hearts: the paw patrol set xx

  • Pauline M.

    That's great price for all that!! Xx

  • Stella O.

    will be here ready and waiting for her on xmas eve...:)

  • Faye C.

    Think I prefer the Thomas dressing gown x

  • Emma T.

    The girls ones are lovely xx

  • Anne-marie B.

    I need to get this for Edward xx

  • Michelle H.

    Aw these are gorgeous <3 xx

  • Anna F.

    I don’t think that’s a bad price

  • Emma W.

    He really needs new pjs too!!!

  • Kay W.

    Seen them in ASDA my moms got them the paw patrol xx

  • Emma W.

    Bombard away :joy::joy::joy: I think it already is!!!

  • Jade S.

    I just see these. Mega cheap init. Gonna order the paw patrol one xxx

  • Claire W.

    They are lovely def think the paw patrol for him xxx

  • Melissa H.

    3 of them r cute, probs least so pp mind u :thinking: xx

  • Jenna C.

    Be nice if they had larger sets for boys aswell as girls

  • Ashlie S.

    Would be for Christmas and birthday lol not a millionaire yet haha x

  • Toni M.

    Just get them something little each thought you was getting them other things for Xmas x

  • Kylie H.

    They are fab! Think I'll have to get them! Thanks Hun! Xx

  • Ann D.

    Got my ones some already lol

  • Rebecca B.

    I need to get these as soon as I get paid she can wear them Xmas Eve xx

  • Alison L.

    There all cute brilliant price xx

  • Gemma H.

    Oooooo these look good xxx

  • Demii M.

    Awk there lovely going to order the George pig one he's obsessed way peppa pig lol x

  • Rachel L.

    Yeah that’s nice and the peppa one is too xxxxx

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