Bing Bunny Pyjamas From £7 @ Tesco Clothing

Bing Bunny Pyjamas From £7 @ Tesco Clothing

I know so many little Bing Bunny fans that are just going to love these gorgeous Bing Pyjamas that are new in at Tesco Clothing. They have already sold out once when they were first released so don't hang around if you want a pair for your little Bingster!

These gorgeous pyjamas are available in two designs. There's a blue and grey pair featuring Bing, Flop and Hoppity Voosh* his favourite toy. Also available are a purple pair featuring Bing and Sula* riding Talkie Taxi.

Both pairs are available in sizes 12-18 months and go up to 4-5 years. They both feature a t-shirt with a pair of long trousers with an elasticated waistband.

Prices start at £7 for the smaller sizes and goes up to £8 for the larger sizes. These will sell fast, there aren't many pieces of Bing Bunny clothing available so don't hang around if you want to order them.

You can Click and Collect your Bing Bunny Pyjamas for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have your order delivered.


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  • Sophie H.

    if you see them in tescos x

    • Penny H.

      I have ordered them for the boys.x

    • Kayleigh D.

      your girls wud love these

      • Kim D.

        Yes mate, can u get me some in 18-24 month plz xxx

        • Melissa H.

          Fanks I'll have too pop in xxxxxx

          • Emma E.

            Ooo I know a little bingster who would love them :blush: xx

            • Nadine L.

              I know a little lady who would love these xx

              • Sam M.

                Omg jess would love these lmao

                • Dani S.

                  I already seen them... I like the blue ones best, I think Alice would too

                  • Melissa F.

                    She soooo needs them lol x

                    • Yvonne M.

                      Haha I just looked at these. They have the girls size :grinning:

                      • Janet M.

                        Am going to go in after work tomorrow and see if there have it in the Dingwall one if not I will check the big one lol. Xx

                      • Ella B.

                        Yes! Next matching set :joy:

                        • Krista W.

                          Aww those are lush gonna order some on Wednesday!! Can go with her bing bunny we bought her for bday lol xxx

                          • Jadene D.

                            Well spotted!! Ordering now! :kissing_heart:

                            • Sarah C.

                              I've ordered him a pair! Thank you xxx

                              • Bec T.

                                me too! £7 for 1 pair though x

                                • Staci S.

                                  Just got these ordered perfect present for my little boy who just completed potty training xx

                                  • Vicki C.

                                    Aww I love him. His voice is the cutest haha x

                                    • Amanda M.

                                      Noah will love these! :heart_eyes:

                                      • Lisa R.

                                        His and hers matching bing pj's :heart_eyes:

                                        • Jade J.

                                          I went on last night to order them and it wouldn't let me - so annoying will try again today