Mamafeelsgood Maternity Wear Review

22 August 2010


UK based maternity wear site, gave me the opportunity to try out some of their maternity wear, as I have just had a baby girl, and I am perfect for product testing!

I received a plain breastfeeding top, short-sleeved, in pretty pink (pictured bottom left).

The first time I tried on the new top, I went off to the kitchen to grab my lunch. My other half had pain-stakingly heated up a can of Heinz tomato soup (my favourite!) and presented it to me with pride. With my very first spoonful, I slopped some of the reddest red soup down my brand pink new t-shirt! I had to take it off immediately, rinse the spots as best I could, and stick it in the wash.... to be tried out another day.

So, second time lucky - I put the top on, freshly laundered and smelling nice. The t-shirt had a nice feel on the skin, as it was 100% cotton. The material is thick and good quality. As it is really 2 t-shirts in one, it is quite heavy, so it would be very warm if you were wearing it on a hot summer's day.

For the breast-feeding aspect, you simply lift up the top layer, and the underneath layer is just like a vest top with huge arm holes, which you can move around to wherever you need them to be. It's pretty good at protecting your dignity - I won't show you any piccies of that though!

Now, I will comment on the sizes - I tried an XL, and I am about a size 16 for normal clothing. I did find the XL a bit tight around the belly (especially post-pregnancy), so maybe have a good look at the sizing if you happen to be buying from Mamafeelsgood.

I had a browse of the various designs on their site, some of which I have pictured below. They're very trendy, and not just your plain, bog-standard maternity wear. I really like the more "rock" type tees, like the Music Sounds Better , the Lips or the Island Black.

Price-wise, the top I tested came in at £19.99, which is fairly reasonable for a new maternity top. The long sleeve graphic print tops seem to be a few quid extra, ranging up to £21.99 instead.

After pregnancy and being pretty limited in what you can wear, it's quite nice to treat yourself to some new clothes - what I like about the Mamafeelsgood designs is that they could be work any time, and aren't just seen as maternity wear.


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