Johnsons Baby Soothing Naturals Cream Review

13 July 2010


I first stumbled on Johnsons Baby Soothing Naturals cream when I got a free sample, alerted by this thread on our sister site Hotukdeals. I thought I would do a review to let you guys know what I think of the product, as I have been using it in my house for quite a while now. (There's a free sample link here)

When I first got the free sample of this cream, I tried it on my face and neck. And I liked it.

It doesn’t smell strong at all, which I really like – it’s unperfumed.

After application, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, but not oily or greasy (as I have experienced with some other creams).

After trying the freebie of the Johnsons Baby Soothing Naturals cream, it led me to buy a jar of this cream when I saw it on offer at my local Tesco store. As I write this, the Tesco cost is £2.47 for a 250ml tub, so I think it’s pretty good value for money too.

As I have a new baby girl, it’s probably the kind of product I will use on her too when she is a wee bit older. Now, I use the Johnsons body cream on my face and neck, and also on my post-pregnancy flabby belly!

The only thing that annoys me about this cream is the foil cover that was inside the tub. When I first opened the tub, I just peeled back the corner of the foil and started using the cream. As time went by, I didn’t bother to remove the foil, I just kept peeling back a little more... and now it has become covered in cream and I don’t want to make a mess by removing it - you can see this in the picture above. This is probably my fault though, for not removing the foil in the first place.

I’m nearly finished that first tub, and I will definitely be buying more when it runs out!

Have you used this particular body cream? Do you like it too? Or is there another brand which you prefer? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  • magicbeans
    used on my son, worked well on his eczema for a bit (all creams work well for a bit then they stop). i find it does have a nice natural smell. is a nice cream to apply as well. although is a but dearer than normal johnson stuff
  • magicbeans
    oh and if u r looking for other good creams for eczema or sensitive skin, lush do a fab cream called dream cream which i used on my son, worked really well and as a luch product it smells gorgeous. but is about a tenner a pot!!
  • Emma K.
    Thanks magicbeans. I find the same with eczema too, that something works for a bit then stops.

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