Hippychick Hipseat Review

hippychick hipseat

The Hippychick Hipseat is, to my mind, the best invention since, well, ever.

A half-moon shaped seat that fastens with velcro and a clip around the waist providing a perch for a child, the concept is so simple to be so ridiculously effective. The Hippychick Hipseat extends the hip so that the child can sit comfortably without causing the parent/carer the uncomfortable hip displacement or back ache that normally comes with carrying a child for an extended period of time.

The spine is kept straight rather than curved so there's less back pain. The Hipseat is endorsed by osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, and for good reason. It really does take so much of the strain off the carrier.

Since the child is sitting, you only have to have an arm around him,without having to physically hold, meaning your arms take less strain as well, and you still have a free hand.

The Hippychick Hipseat is quickly replacing our favourite sling as a big bonus of the Hippychick for me when we are out and about is that it is easy to put my toddler down and pick her up again. There's no need for strapping up or strapping in – just pick up and put down. The Hipseat also places her at my level, so we can 'talk' about things, look at the world and she can interact with it from an adult perspective, which is much more engaging than the outlook from knee-height!

It also makes negotiating public transport a doddle and there's no struggle getting a pushchair in and out of the car. The only obvious downside is that the Hipseat isn't designed to be slept on, so nap times need to be kept in mind – although we still carry the sling around and pop her in that when she becomes sleepy.

The Hipseat is so effective, even my very small mother uses it when taking my 10kg daughter out.

The Hippychick Hipseat is suitable from 6 months, or when the child is able to hold themselves upright and hold on, till about 3 years. It is available in black, green, burgundy and blue and costs £37.50, although I have seen them cheaper at other retailers.

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  • Ling D.
    I am glad to see this reviewed. I just got mine 2 weeks ago and am slowing coming to terms with it. I've seen it ages ago and always thought it was the holy grail. That said, I found it more fiddly to put on than I expected. I am not sure if it's my frame (tree trunk, no waist no hips) which means I really need to make sure the seat is properly strapped on which is a good 30 seconds, 2 handed job. So no, I can't use it for music class where we periodically get up to dance with bubs. But I might use it during playgroups when we do songs like the hokey cokey at the end. Bubs is only 9 months old and I find the seat a bit big for him in that it sits too low on my body as compared to normal carrying. But that is something I am slowly getting used to. I think however that he will grow well into this. Got mine from a company called Betterlifehealthcare.com who seem to sell living aids and general health paraphanalia. Cheapest I've found at £27.99 inc delivery for the lovely inconspicuous black one. They seem to have legit credentials (NHS, BBC, iTV). Delivery was fast but it did not come in a box nor with instructions. Seat is fairly self-explanatory but would like to make sure that I am not doing anything obviously stupid with the seat.
  • Luschka O.
    Hi Ling, I found your comment really interesting. I didn't find the hipseat fiddly at all, sort of like a belt, without the threading, but then I have very definite hips! :P I haven't tried it for music class, but if I did I would just leave it on, rather than taking it off in between. We did that at the zoo. I put it on and left it on, even when my daughter was walking, so that I could just pick her up and put it down again. I guess if people don't know what it is, it might look a bit silly, but I've had so many people come up to me and ask me where I got it that I think it's a great ad for itself! I did find the seat a little big before about a year, but found that if I put my daughter on it the 'wrong' way round, i.e with her back to me and facing out, she sat more comfortably. I found quite a few Hippychick Hipseat instructional videos on Youtube, so check that out, but hopefully this one will answer all your questions! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUC87Nby7NI
  • Ling D.
    Thanks very much for the Youtube link - don't know why I never think to check on there. Also found the tip for using it the wrong way round very helpful. Cheers! Btw, attaching the seat is becoming easier with practice although it tricky is coming into winter with all the extra layers of clothing.
  • Luschka O.
    Ooh, yes, I hadn't thought of that. Have you bought the extender? That could give you the extra bit of room you need? No worries about the youtube and wrong way round tip! Glad it worked for you!

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