K Two Baby Journal Review


I received a  baby journal from K Two, a little book for recording all the memories for a new baby.

When I opened up the baby journal from K Two, I thought a page had fallen out, but it turned out to be a sample page just to show you how to fill it in. It's not hard to work out yourself though! The one difficulty I have with this type of thing is deciding which person to write in. Do you write to the baby, do you write from the perspective of the baby... ?

The book itself is a lovely colour - the pages are all muted pastels, filled with gorgeous illustrations.

The baby journal has all the standard sections; birth info, slots for photos, family sections, hand prints, special memories. But the bulk of this baby journal differs from another one I was using, in that it is almost like a proper journal. There are lots of pages for "mini milestones" and "my favourites things" which you can fill in with the appropriate date. In this way, you can simply fill it in through time, whenever you've got something interesting to write about.

The sticker sheets at the back of the book are a very nice touch. They contain lots of stickers for various milestones which you can stick on at the appropriate places in the baby journal. For example, there are stickers for 1st tooth, 2nd tooth, 3rd tooth, first word, crawling, standing, climbing, and loads more. You just stick them on where you've written about a corresponding moment.

I've been diligently filling in my baby journal for my first baby, with every momentous moment. I've been told that it won't be the same for the next kiddies... and all the momentous events tend to merge together in your head into one large mass of nappies, teeth and sleeplessness. A lady I know had 4 boys, and she can barely remember the vital statistics for each of them! A baby journal will keep a little log of it for me :) But I will make a point of filling in one of these baby journals for each baby I have (I am planning on a few more), so that I can have a permanent record of each baby's activities.

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