Baby Dam Review

21 September 2010


This is a quick review of the Baby Dam, a new product in the UK - it's a bathwater barrier! I had never heard of them before this, I am not sure if there are other brands or other types, this is the only one I have seen so far.

The Baby Dam. The title pretty much tells you what it is -a bathwater barrier, which sits in your bath, just like a dam. I was keen to try out The Baby Dam because my partner is all for energy-saving, including the amount of water we use in the household. Here in Northern Ireland, we don't yet have to pay water bills. But for those of you on the mainland who do, this could be a handy product.

When I took it out of the box, the first thing I thought of was the logistics in my bathtub. We have a sink pedestal at the head of the bath, near the taps, so I was thinking that would get in the way because I'd be making the bath down at that end of the tub. But on glancing at the illustrations on the Baby Dam box, I realised that I could simply position the Baby Dam at the other end of the bath, and use the shower head to fill it up. Genius!

Well, putting this into practice wasn't as easy as I thought. As I moistened the suction cups of the Baby Dam and tried to put it in, I realised that here are little bumps on the bottom of my bath - it's a textured base which helps improve the grip. But this uneven bottom meant that I couldn't place the Baby Dam where I had planned - as the rubber seal wouldn't work there. Eventually, I had to fit it so the taps filled the dammed area. I had been overly worried about my sink pedestal, but it turns out that I did have enough room to move there.

The Baby Dam was quite easy to fit once I knew where I was going to put it. I pushed it down securely, and ran my finger along the rubber seal. The Baby Dam has a little porthole, which is a drainage hole that you can use depending on how deep you want the bathwater to be. I filled it half way and left the porthole open for overflow. I reckon I used about two thirds of the full length of the bath. If you have an older kid and want a deeper bath, you can seal the porthole and fill it higher.

Babydam2My baby is only 4 months old, so I found it a little awkward bathing her in the big bath (it was the first time I'd done so). I've been using the Flexibath up to now. I was stooped over quite a bit, and straining my back. I popped a pillow under my knees for comfort, as you can see in the picture below. Baby had plenty of room to move though, as you can see in my picture to the right. She really enjoyed the freedom and had a good kicking session!

I hadn't drained the bath while I went off and got baby dried and dressed. When I returned half an hour later, some of the bathwater had leaked into the top end of the bath, so I maybe hadn't sealed the Baby Dam as well as I'd thought.

I can definitely see the Baby Dam being very useful when baby is sitting up on her own and wants to have some fun in the bath. She won't need the full length of the bath, so half a bath will suffice at that stage. I will definitely be using it when she's older.

Before you buy a Baby Dam, I recommend you have a read of this Baby Dam review, take a look at the setup in your bathroom, the features of your bath, and see if the Baby Dam would be appropriate for you. If you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comments below, and I will do my best to help out.


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  • Stephanie
    We have been using the Baby Dam in conjunction with a Tigex baby bath seat ( and it has been absolutely brilliant! Our son is 15 months now and is still using these. Just be careful to remove the Baby Dam properly, gently undoing the suction caps otherwise you may break the Baby Dam.
  • Lewood
    Thanks for this useful review. My wife was looking at this product and I had doubts concerning it's efficiency and the position of the adult. I'm still going to get one though as our son is splashing everywhere and is getting too big for the plastic newborn batch we have.
  • Emma K.
    I've been using it for 9 months now, well recommended :)

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