Trofolastin Anti Stretch Mark £15.95 @ Carethy

26 April 2015

Carethy Rare to find, and cheaper than anywhere else, Trofolastin Anti Stretch Mark cream is available at Carethy for £15.95 and when you meet the minimum spend, there's a discount to be had too. You will have to buy three at a time for the discount below to be useful, or one with something else to make up the minimum.

Click here for the Trofolastin cream at Carethy*

  • Discount: 5%
  • Minimum Spend: £35.87
  • Discount Code: PLAYPENNIES

One of the many things that changes in our bodies after childbirth is the addition of stretchmarks, and while some see, and rightly wear them as a badge of honour, many of us really struggle to accept some of the changes!

While there are many products that promise one thing or another, there seems to be only one that has scientific research around it. While we haven't tried this product here at PlayPennies, we have a discount code for you. If you Google this Anti-stretch mark cream, people really do swear by it (but others say no creams can reach as deep as is needed, so you'll have to make up your mind for yourself).

Let us know how it works for you!

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