Save £5 On Selected Stop Smoking Products @ Boots

25 January 2014

If you want to quit your dirty habit this year - I quit six years ago now... can't believe how the time has flown! - then Boots has some fabulous offers to help you. 

Smoking is such an expensive habit these days that I am exceptionally grateful that I don't do it anymore. My brand and the amount I used to smoke would easily have set me back £50 a week, assuming I didn't go out and have a few drink any of the days, were I still smoking! That £2600 a year, minimum would quickly add up to a whole new lifestyle!

So if you've quit this year, and you're three weeks into it, well done you. In addition to the money you're saving by not smoking, head over to Boots and pick up some Nicorette Freshmint Gum 4mg for £9 instead of £14.

NicAssist 24 hour patch is now £6 instead of £11, and Nicotinell liquorice 4mg medicated chewing gum  is £7 instead of £12.

There's a similar offer on 49 different Stop Smoking products, so take advantage of the money saving, and book a fabulous holiday instead.

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