Reduced Price Maternity Clothing And Free Shipping @ Gap

10 February 2014

GAP Maternity GAP has a sale on maternity clothes with a free shipping offer on all maternity purchases too. The free 3 - 5 day shipping offer saves you £4, which is a nice bonus when you're taking up to 50% off on your fashionable and stylish maternity clothes too. 

The maternity range from GAP starts with t-shirts at £4.99, and if you want to move away from the same-same stripes of regular maternity clothes, these are just gorgeous. In fact, why didn't I know about GAP's lovely maternity range when I was pregnant?!

Anyway... apart from the t-style casual wear, they have fabulous tunics, sweaters, pullovers and dresses. I'm not sure whose idea stripes were for maternity wear, but they seem to be here to stay. Fortunately, GAP also offer other styles, and something that's quite different from anything you'll find in other stores.

Dresses start at £10.99 and if you're growing into your maternity wardrobe into the spring, there are a few items up for grabs for the coming seasons too.

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