Child Support Agency (CSA) Arrangements Are Ending


Are you aware that all child maintenance arrangements made previously by the Child Support Agency (CSA) will be ending between now and 2017?

No, well read on…

If the CSA handles your maintenance, you’ll get a letter telling you when your maintenance agreement will end and how and when to make new child maintenance arrangements.

The letter will be sent between now and 2017 and you should expect 6 months notice. Any arrears will also have to be paid even after any agreement ends.

So what next?

Well according to GOV.UK you can either make new arrangements yourself or you’ll have to use the new Child Maintenance Service. Notably, to even apply for this new service there’s a £20 application fee. The only way you won’t have to pay this is, is if you’re under 19 years of age, living in Northern Ireland or a victim of domestic violence.

What do you think about this? Will financial issues be sorted between separated  parents or is that more fantasy then reality on the part of the government? Do you think the £20 fee to apply will put single parents off?

We'd love to hear your views!


  • jakesmummyswales
    I haven't had a penny for years and I struggle but my ex doesn't pay tax and I don't have an address for him so you keep telling me nobody can help me ,my son is 16 now
  • kelliecunningham
    Think this is disgusting as I know my ex won't give me what I'm entitled too unless it's taken straight out of his wages . I had this problem when we first split that's why I went csa. So he had no choice in paying me. And now the csa are telling me I have to see him over payment before they take money directly out of his wages again but this time they want to charge me and him for this service. which I won't receive the whole amount
  • Amcg25
    I think it's an absolute disgrace to charge women £20 to get what there rightfully entitled too! If the father dosent want to no the baby or mother it's only fair the mother gets the acceptable amount of money maintenance to ensure the best possible upbringing for the child/children! After all it took two to make the baby and if the father walked away, then he should have to pay for his cowardly acts ! After all it's not the child's fault the father disowned him/her before they were even born. If this law is stopped fathers can refuse to pay the mother n child anything ! Unfair rights!
  • Angry1980
    Awful awful decision I'm still chasing Csa payments 9 years later I struggle and now I'm to pay to get you to chase him to no avail
  • singlemum10
    i think this is a ridiculous idea by the government. as if it wasnt hard enough for some single parents to get fathers to pay up and what little we do get we will now have to pay a £20 fee makes you wonder whos side they are on!!!!
  • Snoozy
    My "darling" ex didnt use me as a punch bag, however, he played with my head and even in court didnt want to pay the csa money, wanted to know why he couldnt put it in a trust fund for the kids! He even argued over a blooming carriage clock in court and the kids' bank books and christening gifts saying they should stay with him! FFS! I will have no chance of getting any money from him unless I pay the new CSA and I think its unfair that we are having to pay to get the money that they should be paying anyway for their own children! So many men and women will get away without paying towards their children because the person who the children reside with wont be able to afford to pay the CSA - well done Tory government - you rob the poor once again!
  • Landylass21
    What an absolute joke?! Single parents won't be able to afford this especially if the absent parent is on the dole and paying just £5 per week!!! This Government gets worse n worse.
  • YODA1975
    This is is going to cause so many problems for separated/divorced parents. A lot of children are going to suffer too from absent parents not paying maintenance!
  • t7nyt
    This is so wrong. Me and there dad split up. He says he don't work.. but he dose cash in hand.. I have 2 kids with him. He has 2 kids be with 2 differ the mums And his new girlfriend is now pregnant. But he don't pay a penny for any of them...
  • bexhur
    If we have to pay £20 to ensure maintenance is paid regularly does that mean it will go straight into our accounts rather than the new CSA holding onto it for 7 plus days?????!!!!
  • Helene17
    What about if you receive maintaince through a deduction of earnings, it took me over 7 years to finally get payments from my ex for our daughter, absolutely shocking why can't they just leave things alone.
  • Vicci23
    I think this is ridiculous .. I don't have any contact with my daughters father and it's taken years to finally get money off him for her up keep. And still only get a stupid 5 pound a week. Even when he has his own business. So looks like I probably won't be getting any help with her up bringing anymore when this happens as he's a very sly person as it is. Very disappointed in hearing this!
  • Mumwithoutnomaintenance
    Why would You do that? My child is 15 almost 16 and I have never had child support regularly at all! I'm owed thousands and the CSA have been rubbish at obtaining it but at least it's something ! People like me have no chance of getting what they are owed
  • Gwish
    I think the £20 fee should be issued to the non paying parent ... Why should the ones left with children have to foot this bill to claim from an absent parent
  • 19T74
    Disgusting!!! As if single parents don't find things hard enough financially already. The absent parent should have this fee added onto the maintenance payments they are required to pay.
  • Missbob
    This is ridiculous. My ex won't pay a penny when the csa ends. Thanks again for such a **** ruling
  • Hebs
    So parents with care will pay out twice for their child to enable them to get any child support? I hope the new system has better powers to get absent parents to comply with their legal responsibility AND USE THEM!!!!
  • lollol1985
    I am a single mother myself but thankfully my daughters father was more than happy to arrange maintenance without the CSA. However there are many others out there who fight to get their child's 'other parent' to help pay towards the child's upkeep as they can not do this alone. I feel it is unfair for low income families or non working families that struggle to make ends meet as it is, having to pay £20 just to get the ball rolling!! I say transfer all the current maintenance files they have free or charge from the CSA to the new 'Child Maintenance Service'. This just seems to be another way for someone to make money out of others misery. The government should be ashamed of themselves... YET AGAIN!!!
  • fretwelb
    I think its out of orders dads get what they want they get the access when they want it and they dont have to pay for theoe child while the mothers are working all hours just to put a roof over their childs heads
  • coaches1960
    Come on how many parents stay amicable after a split to even say hello let alone sort out child maintenance costs & payments. I find it Terrible that the government is once again taking advantage of a situation to make more money...... to send abroad!!! It'll be the tax payer that is once again out of pocket as the difference of what a parent currently receiving maintenance for a child will lose no doubt we will pick up the short fall!
  • amster84
    I'd pay the £20 happily if this new system will ensure maintenance payments are paid when they are supposed to be and for the right amount!
  • Merrygirld
    I think it's ridiculous that they have to pay for the service, I have been separated from my husband for 5 years and in that time he has moved and I have no idea were he is, this new way means that I either pay for the service which I can't afford or try and find my ex to get money that I had trouble getting in the first place.
  • mattwoods
    Well what a load of rubbish, I'm a paying parent who whants to see there child but has been stopped by his mother even after going through court, I think the rates are too much as it is and getting charged for a service I don't even whant to use what's up with that, even better yet the mother gets charged less what the hell, I thi k it's toatly unreasonable that we should be charged for a service that's government funded, also I think it should only be the receiving/the initiator parent who should be charged the working parent is being charged enough, why is everyone blaming/charging the working parent more!
  • jackue
    I think the csa took the micky in the 1st place I had a friend whos decision for a mareaige break up wasnt his and although agreed to make payments to his x for the child which was quite reasonable amount csa still got onto him for more in the end he took his own life, I think if the offer from a man who didnt want a marraige break up in the 1st place I think thet csa shud have been aboliged yrs ago or more understanding from a mans point of view once again it shouldnt all go in a womans favour just coz she s got a kid and on thst note wat about men that didnt want kids and there partners have trapped them once again goes in the womans favour AGAIN no thoughts for a bloke that either didnt want a child and has no choice because there immature partner want it so so so wrong[/i]
  • donnagem
    Why should single mothers be left having to pay a fee for money that there kids are entitled to from the dead beat dad's that won't pay without the csa having to arrest there wages or benefits. The only new rules I agree with is the new penaltys that are being enforced for fathers that dnt keep up there payment arrangements.
  • VikkiR83
    This can only be a good thing cos the CSA are useless anyway. My 2 kids get nothing off their father cos CSA 'can't find him' (or won't). Bye bye 'Child Support Agency'.
  • Graeme266
    So they're going to cancel your agreement then charge you £20 to set the exact same thing back up again? That sails very close to blatant robbery
  • samlov
    That is a load of bull, as I have family in northern Ireland And she has been told she has to pay the money for her claim so I think there is some false statements in this, and when the changes were first announced it was said that previous claims would not be involved with this change over it would just be all new claims
  • FayMcGahan
    If parents were able to organise their finances amicably then surely they would?! The CSA should provide support to those people unable to do this and they should have much more clout when it comes to chasing up the non resident parent. If the moneis came directly from the CSA, rather than it being passed through them between the two parties, they would certainly follow up on non payment quicker. Its ridiculous the process you have to go through, to get any financial help from the non resident parent!
  • Robsbaby77
    I don't agree with a £20 charge why should parents have to pay out money that some just don't have to gain money from the other parent. I currently get CSA and am concerned how this will affect me and my children i feel very strongly that if a parent is living away from there children either due to a separation between parents or there own choice then they have a duty of care to support and provide for there children We are on a limited buidget i personally think why fix something thats not broken the government obviously live in a fantasy land and assume that whatever they want to change will work but this time i don't think it will!!!
  • Mjav82
    I could never get money off my ex to help towards the up keep of our chd and the CSA still struggle now he is always abusing the system to get out if paying and drags his feet with changes of circumstance then gives up his job when they finally do get payments so I think it will he even worse when the system changes!
  • Katharina99
    Reading this makes me very sad indeed. Currently I only recieve £5 a week from my ex partner. He does not see his children by his own choice. He believes if he is not around then he has no responsibility. As I'm caring for two autistic children working is impossible(not from lack of trying) and my own health is deteriorating. What this is basically saying to absent parents is it's perfectly acceptable to create a child and then avoid all responsibility for that child placing increasing pressure on the government to support these children. It's disgraceful lone parents should have to pay to get support from the absent parent when their budgets are already stretched well beyond their means. Child support is for the support of the child and should not ever be avoided or have the responsibility for enforcing payment placed on the struggling parent who has stayed and taken on the hard work alone. David Cameron preaches about a society of responsibility. Surely that begins by making absent parents take responsibility at least financially for the children they've helped create. It is expensive to raise a child and every day more and more children fall into poverty as more lone parents are being crushed under trying to perform a double role alone. Instead of pumping already struggling single parents to pay to get child support surely the absent parent should be made to cover any charges on top of support for their child and not be given an opportunity to avoid it by refusing to work or working cash in hand.
  • FionaDee
    Of course it will... They would rather buy £20 if food for their child that gets no income support from the dad
  • P3rh4m
    To Who It May Concern, Firstly I think it's an absolute joke. You take from the fathers which without taking into account what there out goings may be. Mobile phone, have a vehicle, going on holiday and the list goes on as they're classed as luxuries. Every father has a right whom is willing to pay for there child/children to have a life. Not treated that you can live on what the people out of work ie on the doll get paid. How about working on the fathers whom don't pay and say they're out of work. You CSA people go for easy targets. I've stopped seeing my children fortnightly now for nearly a year as you lied to me and put me in arrears but £6000 and as well doubled my payment to my children's mother. So if I want a new tv I used to do overtime to purchase it but NO it's a luxury to you. I'm a human being as well in case you've forgotten. I'm not the only father being bummed by you lot. Now you've the audacity to try another method whereby by now I've paid at least £42000 for my 15 & 13 year old. I've moved on and supporting my partner and two sons as there father won't pay has he's moved on had more children and you can't find him. THINK!! Use what God gave you. Thanks, Gavin Perham Feel free to call me......
  • Carrine
    About write for this government, take from the poor and give it to the rich. SHAME ON YOU, well I won't be voting for you and hopefully millions of others won't and see you for what you are only interested in the stinking rich....
  • Coco448
    I am a single parent and I had to wait a year for the CSA to finally start to receive mantainence from my ex partner for my son. He wasn't compliant, even after saying he would pay. I haven't seen or heard from him since before my son was born. He won't get in touch and offer to continue to pay, he'll just stop paying and that will be the end of any money from him. Why should he stop paying?? He walked away and left me with a child to look after, I can't walk away. I will have to use the new service or I will not receive any money at all so I have no choice.
  • dspencer1
    Do I think this will wok? Not only did I commence battle with my son's dad in the original application, where he was forced to make payments, he went to extreme lengths of moving to New Zealand some 6 years ago, and since then owes me thousands of pounds. (my case was closed years ago) In 11 years we have been unable to come to a mutual understanding over paying child maintenance so he just chooses not to! In an ideal world of white fluffy cloud's, green lush hills and 2.4 children Britain then maybe this amicability could be reached. However I imagine for most this is a pipe dream! For me, if a man is named on the birth certificate, then he becomes accountable and no one can tell me being that we are so technically advanced that making absent parents financially accountable is an impossible task! Another, government money making scheme!
  • Thewiggles123
    I have been waiting for case money since 1996 for my son never ever had a penny off them am sick of trying with them
  • cheryl73
    unfair unfair unfair! my ex has disappeared of the face of the earth according to the csa! no bank account, paid no tax or national Insurance, isnt claiming benefits and hasnt done for 3 years! and owes me 3 years maintenance for his 2 kids. All I need is another bill in the house while he gets away with it scott free! hows that fair?
  • michleydon
    If I could get the money and out of my ex I would do. Even with using the CSA, he has been working since October 2013, I haven't received a penny even though i have been contacting them every 2 weeks and gave all the details about where he works What hope do I have in getting the money myself?
  • BambiR
    I am a single mother, not in contact with my childs father. Once the payments stop I will have no way of finding him to make another arrangement and these changes will just help those parents that don't want to pay maintenance. If I lose my CSA payments I will have to move again, and we just spent a year living in a caravan to pay off debt while my childs father goes on an annual holiday abroad with his other children.
  • Abbz13
    Why should single parents pay to try to get what they're due off absent parents?!
  • paymentunfair
    I've already asked my x partner so and point blank was told no wanted it threw csa.I wouldentbchamge have a problem with this but and it's a big but there I'd mo help for me to enforce the fact she gets the money to bye clothes food etcetera so wh do I have to beg borrow and not quite still but that's the only way I cam get clothes and shoes ase they have never been provided and I'm having to pay twice. So tell me where that's fair and why there is no enforcement to help t dad's that are struggling to cover both payments to the x and clothe feed again when at there at there dad's.
  • Mantha33
    I think this is aload of crap. My ex walked out of his job months ago, got a new one within 2weeks but Csa r still trying to sort it out. This isn't gunna make things any better when ur ex just doesn't want to pay for his kids. And how can I afford to pay £20 when I'm not getting any money from him in the first place. It takes long enough to get started as it is, surely this is just gunna take longer!
  • jade27411
    Absolutely ridiculous i already know of a high percentage that avoid paying what they owe or even the minimum amount so this now is an another escape route made easy to them it sickening me to think men don't want to pay their way for their children. Us mums in this position have had enough of not getting any help or support, now this!!!!
  • bypass
    We don't get to see our grandsons now, maintenance is paid every month, then you get letters asking for more for other things, my sons x has manipulated them, so much so my sons life is not allowed to. move on while their mothers has, new man new baby of 2yrs old and our son has a little baby boy of 8mths, and a fiancee, and has triedon numerous accounts for the x to let them come and stay, but she prefers the boys to stay where they are so she can be involved in getting more money out of our son when he goes to see his boys and takes them out she has to go which puts. a really bad taste in our sons mouth but he has to be cicil, the 20pound should be paid bythe one who is being difficult, and csa should be really loomed onto, in the sence all parties should be closely checked,whereas fathers are always made to look the bad guy.
  • Hatecsa09
    The csa is only in favour of the resident parent and does not care about the parent that no longer lives with the child! My partner pays nearly £500 a month, before this he had an agreement with the mother which she asked for! Then when she decided to go to csa he could only prove £2600 as many times she asked for cash and my partner was silly enough to oblige!! Even with the £2600 proof they would only take £1600 off the apparent 'arrears' And after all the lying from her, he still doesn't get to see his kids So CSA is crap is the new way really going to be any better ha I very much doubt it
  • kyrina
    I think this is a total let down! I tried for 4yrs to come to an agreement with my ex with no success. Csa finally caught up with him and have to take payments off his boss before he gets paid. Without this I will not get a penny and is this £20 per week? Month? Thanks
  • smilerx7
    Ouch. This is so worrying. My ex is the most non nonnegotiable person i have ever known. For 3 months after our split my total income was £28 a month. He claimed the child benefit and refused to help me in anyway. It took the courts to order he pays CSA and transfer the child benefit, and that was after i tried other routes. Since then there has been many court cases that he has taken me to court for 'silly' things rather than trying to work things out with me for our childs sake. On every occasion he has tried to get me to do half the travelling when he lives over 200 miles away. I am on benefits because i cannot work with the constant court cases. i also own my own home and don't get help for the mortgage so its a struggle. asked him if he wanted to get our sons first shoes, he said no. i asked him if he would help with paying for his swimming lessons, he said no. His only interest is taking our son away from me, hence all the court cases and lies. he has a contact order but inbetween NEVER asks of his welfare. In his mind its about possession of our son and not whats best for him. He ignores how all the travelling he does with our young son affects him. As long as he is in control he is happy. He has no empathy. So i am at a loss at to how this stopping the CSA will work. My ex is in the army and earns well but i know he will NOT do anything unless he HAS too. He see's it as helping me and not our son. Very worrying this.
  • Armada97
    it definitely puts single parents off applying. They charge the paying parent for each payment through them too but I've tried making arrangements with my child's biological father and I'm always left trying to chase money which is always over a month late or it's not paid. I'd rather they deal with it and charge interest on payments to the paying parent
  • vicki1982
    About blody time the csa is a joke anyway u tell them ur partner wants a paternity test they say no and still make him pay for the past 9 years after disbuting it we have our own child and they put our payments up CSA is run by idiots I think
  • Yasminshaw06
    I think this is going to badly affect things already set up! I am a single mother and without that money I would struggle, and why should we pay a £20 application few for something that's already in place when we haven't asked for these changes??
  • mrsb2014
    absolute ridiculous!!! my little boy is 9 yrs old. his absent father has sat on his lazy backside to avoid paying maintenance for the whole time. the csa have only taken £5 a week deductions to his benefits for a around 4 yrs on and off. despite a deductions to benefit order hes still racked up £300 of arrears because he plays the system. they was notified he was no longer on benefits in april and not received a penny since. they give him every oppourtunity to reply but he never has. I have to wait for time frames to lapse before it can be esculated. ive been told if he tells them he has £0 income, he doesn't have to provide proof as 'everyone has the right to be believed' but if I make allegations that he's working, I have to prove it. where's my right to be believed???! the system is an absolute joke. I do not want maintenance to pay for luxuries for myself, I want his father to stand up and take responsibility for a child he helped bring into the world. if they think id pay for their service they better blimin improve it drastically!!!!!! any arrears still due???? unless their on benefits, they can only ever take £5 a week as they are classedas living below the poverty line apparently! what a joke!!!!
  • Littlenick20
    Yet another scam to penalize people that are already struggling, and ignore the people who arent! Government is so backwards!! Well done, is this to put more money back into the government to allow more immigrants in the country and scrounge from the funding pot! How about kicking out all the dossers that dont speak a wprd of bloody english, dont work, and instead breed like termites as they know they can milk the system, how much money would the government make back then!! Thats too much of an obvious solution really! If this is stopped i will have no hope in getting anything from her dad, and will actually just give up! The amount i het from him is the same as my travelling costs to work full time! This means i wont be able to afford to even work! Thanks for giving free childcare to those who atay at home aswell, and making people who work pay!!
  • Georgie43
    Actually as a parent of a child who has never received a single penny in csa I feel entitled to ask this question. Point 1 If you decide to have child outside a sable relationship then why should the absent parent pay for your decision to keep a child especially as in these times there is no need for an unwanted/planned pregnancy. Point 2 the government is very good at providing an acceptable amount of funding for single parents and there is a choice for the majority of whether to work or not to work. Point 3 If you find yourself in a situation of financial dire straits not of your making can you categorically say hand on heart you have done everything within your power to help the situation and by this I mean if you smoke stop smoking, if you have take aways stop having these, if you gamble stop gambling, if you drink alcohol stop drinking alcohol......Live isn't easy no-one said it is but you as an adult can influence your child's environment and future and as a parent I ask you to accept that challenge and stop blaming the negatives on an absent/unwilling parent who chooses not to support and instead show your children the gift of resilience and doing something for themselves by themselves as a parent this is the greatest gift you can ever give!
  • Nicola09
    Do both parties have to agree to use the new service . As I know my ex will not want to pay more every month
  • minxymuffin
    First of all its not all women who have custody of children...There is men put there being the resident parent. I have been going through the csa for years and without them would get no financial support from my baby daddy. The new system don't seem that much different apart from paying a fee which is only a one off payment which is worth the pounds to come and will pay itself. The fee is just a money making scam from the government. It's stupid to say try make an arrangement between yourselves...well I tried for years hence turning to the csa!!!!!
  • Elebell
    I hope the current deductions (from my son's dad's salary) order doesn't get stopped by the CSA and then restarted with the new organisation... I'd happily pay the £50 but please don't waste our time and money stopping one just to start again. Tried a family agreement several times, full of empty promises!
  • kevsta
    alot of discrimination towatds men here what about when mothers walk away without paying the msintenance. i think it is actualy a good idea ppl are a mockery out of the system. y should tax payers suffer coz two ppl cant act like adults and sort it between themselfs. this mite also have the affect of making ppl realise stop having babies unless u can afford and in a stable relationship. commom sense realykevsta
  • ozziesbabes
    What a joke. My partner pays through the nose to his ex wife for their children and she denies him any contact or visitation. Has done for years and the courts approved him rights. She has moved and we don't even kbow where they live. And she has remarried a few yrs ago as well. Meanwhile our two babes will be going without. The whole system is a shambles! !
  • Huddsmumof4
    I still think the biggest change that needs to come into force is to have proof of why a parent has no access of their child whether it be their choice not to see them or a parent being stopped by the the other parent from seeing their child/children. Parents who choose to be feckless should have to pay more than those who have tried many routes yet been stopped by the other parent taking away their 2nd blood parent.
  • chermcg
    I havent had a penny in 6 years but git a letter today tellin me its ending so im confused
  • vixb
    I haven't had a penny for years and I struggle but my ex doesn't pay tax and I don't have an address for him so you keep telling me nobody can help me ,my son is 16 now
    ditto, my daughter is 7, I've had ONE £5 payment in her lifetime!!! X
  • Annieri
    o agree my partner doesn't see his daughter caus his ex won't allow him to she has been taking over £100 a month and spending it on her smoking habit not the child he wants to see the child but after going court on his days to see her the mum says she's sick or she forgot and took her out when he will be outside her house as he turns up to pick her up and can see they are home this new law about the mum holding back on the child seeing the father could be prosecuted doesn't really apply he has contacted them and she says she is happy to agree then goes straight back to hiding away She doesn't deserve a penny so I like this new rule for some it's good for others (run away fathers) that's when it appalling but for our situation it works in our favour (for how ever short a period this may be)
  • Annieri
    I think the csa took the micky in the 1st place I had a friend whos decision for a mareaige break up wasnt his and although agreed to make payments to his x for the child which was quite reasonable amount csa still got onto him for more in the end he took his own life, I think if the offer from a man who didnt want a marraige break up in the 1st place I think thet csa shud have been aboliged yrs ago or more understanding from a mans point of view once again it shouldnt all go in a womans favour just coz she s got a kid and on thst note wat about men that didnt want kids and there partners have trapped them once again goes in the womans favour AGAIN no thoughts for a bloke that either didnt want a child and has no choice because there immature partner want it so so so wrong[/i]
    I am a woman and agree with you 1000%!!! Some people are vicious and have children to trap the dad then when the dad finds someone he truly loves stops him seeing the child yet still takes his money I like this new rule but doubt it'll be long before The poor sods get **** again

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