2 Pack of Maternity Bump Bands £3 @ Tesco

14 July 2014

maternity band tesco

If you're looking to extend your pregnancy wardrobe on the cheap, it's worth looking at these maternity bump bands from Tesco for £3 for two. These are not support bands, mind you they are just there to lengthen your tops as they may creep up as your boobs and belly start growing. For £3 it's well worth eeking a few more weeks out of your clothes.

In a soft, stretchy jersey with a fine finish, these comfy bump bands are a super practical addition to a pregnancy capsule wardrobe. The jersey bands are worn over the tummy to adapt pre-pregnancy clothing to fit a growing bump by disguising unfastened closures and gaps where tops are becoming too short.

The pack contains one black and one white belt, and while it doesn't provide pregnancy support, it sure supports your wardrobe, which is great if you're trying to get through as far as you can without having to fork out for a whole new, totally overpriced, pregnancy wardrobe.

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