Tesco Umbrella Fold Pushchair With FREE Footmuff £10.66 @ Tesco Direct

Tesco Umbrella Fold Pushchair With FREE Footmuff £10.66 @ Tesco Direct

After a new Pushchair but not wanting to pay much. Maybe your one has broke and your little one hasn't got long left in one, or perhaps your off on holiday. This Tesco Umbrella Fold Pushchair is £13.33, which already sounds like a super price but use eCoupon TD-MGHX at the checkout to get it for just £10.66.

Scroll down to the 'Buy these together and save' and add your FREE Footmuff (worth £15) with the Stroller.

These Tesco Umbrella Strollers are basic, but sometimes that's all you need. Having, said that, they have ratings of 4.2 (red) and 4.5 (black) so they seem like incredible value.

They are lightweight so ideal for travelling with. Since they fold so small, they are ideal for public transport too.

You would normally pay £28.33 for the Buggy and the Footmuff, so you are saving a whopping £17.67.

You can Click and Collect the Tesco Umbrella Fold Stroller for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey

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Reply to
  • Diane C.

    ...not for now but worth putting away x

    • Shaun H.

      maybe order this one too x

      • Sinead C.


        • Shaun H.

          Why not lol

          • Sinead C.

            we got one x

            • Shaun H.

              Yeahh but it's only a tenner lok

              • Sinead C.

                yer might send 9ther back this is cheaper :joy:

              • Katie R.

                I have bought this even though he's a bit young now xx

                • Amy G.

                  Thank you!! Xxx

                • Rebecca S.

                  Does anyone know if this would be ok for a 11 month old just while on holiday for a week?

                  • Robyn S.

                    Your probably better with a wee pram that lies back & has full cover from sun, as a friend gave me her old one & it was a godsend as she would fall asleep when we were out walking about x

                    • Helen O.

                      Should be if you can get a sun shade for it x

                      • Rebecca S.

                        I've got a parasol. Just think it woild be best taking as a back up to Disney and Dorset x

                      • Ems L.

                        just bought one great for hols

                        • Fi M.


                          • Lisa L.

                            Just bought one the other day a silver Cross xxx

                            • Ems L.

                              Oh aye trust you daddy warbucks

                              • Ems L.

                                Remember mine came back off the plane minus a handle the last time

                                • Lisa L.

                                  :joy::joy::joy::joy: I had loads of vouchers for mothercare so technically only cost me 30 quid lol! I'm going to get a bag to put it in so it doesn't get all dirty!! Zxx

                                • Nicola C.

                                  for Lacey for holiday obviously won't need the footmuff lol x

                                  • Claire C.

                                    Wow that's cheap!! I'll have a look if there's a weight limit :blush: thx hun x

                                    • Nicola C.

                                      that's what I though I could always sell the footmuff make it even cheaper !! x

                                      • Claire C.

                                        She's to heavy for it lol xx

                                        • Nicola C.

                                          aww no that's a shame x

                                          • Claire C.

                                            Yea. It's up to 15kg which is 2 and half stone but she's 3 and half stone lmao x

                                          • Raegan B.

                                            I've just bought it for my 5 year old, we go Disneyland in a few weeks and I know she will struggle walking all day so it's perfect rather than spend £20 renting a plastic one from there x

                                            • Rachel Y.

                                              Just to let you know it's a max weight of 15kg.

                                              • Raegan B.

                                                Rachel Yates thankyou x

                                              • Tracy B.

                                                for a spare? Worth it at that price

                                                • Debbie M.

                                                  Not yet, i tgink i would prefer one that reclines a bit

                                                  • Kerry H.

                                                    That's good it's worth it just for the foot muff X

                                                    • Jacqui H.

                                                      Yeah I know and a buggy always comes in use or could sell the buggy x

                                                      • Rahanna H.

                                                        Bear in mind these don't recline x

                                                        • Carlynn K.

                                                          So glad I just spent 49 quid on one without the foot muff

                                                          • Donna M.

                                                            Just used clubcard vouchers and got it for £1

                                                            • Karen D.

                                                              Anyone know if it's this price in store too?

                                                              • Jos M.

                                                                Damn I forgot to add the footmuff before I checked out and o use clubcard points to pay so if I cancel order and reorder it I'll lose my clubcard points