Reconditioned Pushchairs Now Available @ Mamas & Papas

14 April 2016
Reconditioned Pushchairs @ Mamas & Papas

It wasn't until I had my youngest that I realised just how expensive Pushchairs, Prams and Travel Systems are. As they get more fancy and trendy, the prices skyrocket. Thankfully, Mamas & Papas have took the initiative to offer 'As New', 'Loved' and 'Well-loved' reconditioned Pushchairs, thus giving those on a tighter budget the opportunity to buy the fancy ones too. Or those that simply refuse to part with £600 for a Travel System.

So what exactly does 'As New', 'Loved' and 'Well-loved' mean?

  • As New means they are unused with NO cosmetic wear. It may have been a shop display model, or a customer return that they haven't used. These are 25% cheaper than the original price and come with a two year manufacturing guarantee.
  • Loved means they may have some light cosmetic wear. This might be minor marks on the chassis, fabric or wheels. These are 35% cheaper than the original price and they come with a one year guarantee.
  • Well-loved means the pushchair may have moderate cosmetic wear. This may be moderate wear marks on the chassis, fabric or wheels. These are 50% cheaper than a new one and come with a six month guarantee.

All Pushchairs come with chassis, seat fabric, hood, basket, raincover, instructions and new packaging.

It's worth noting that all pushchairs go through a 20 point reconditioning process and are perfectly safe and clean to use. All reconditioned pushchairs ave 30 day FREE returns should you change your mind. You can read more about that here*.

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  • Laura J.

    Thought this was s fantastic idea... Till I saw how expensive they still are, even well loved! :pensive:

    • nadacolada

      Yeah, it's a fantastic idea and I reckon they will be immaculate but they aren't as cheap as buying from a Jack and Jill Sale or similar. I am hoping they up their choice too. It's a new scheme so hopefully they will respond to customer feedback.


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