The Orbit Baby Stroller Board

13 June 2015

orbit baby board pm

This is not a 'deal' but something I came across online and it looks so much fun! I am used to conventional buggy boards that position the elder child behind the pushchair between the back wheels, but this is a little different. The Orbit Baby Stroller Board attaches near the back wheel on one side, so the child is riding on a 'skateboard' next to the buggy!

It can be fitted on either side, or you can have one on each side! It is designed to fit the Orbit G2 Stroller, and I haven't been able to get an answer to whether this can be used with other makes or models.

It is easy to attach and take off, flips up out of the way when your older child wants to walk (which is going to be never)and  has grips to prevent slipping. It looks so great for taller children, as the handles of the pushchair are not going to get in the way, and their head is not going to get in yours either.

It's not cheap at £119.95, but they do throw in free delivery. Is it making your re-think your pushchair choice?

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