Mummy Mitts £13.50 @ Tesco Direct

18 October 2016
Mummy Mitts £13.50 @ Tesco Direct

EDIT: Out of stock

These are one of the simplest but best inventions I have ever come across. Mummy Mitts keep your hands warm in the winter when you're out and about pushing that buggy. Tesco Direct have them reduced down to just £13.50 from £18. These will sell out!

Mummy Mitts fix onto your pushchair handle and keep your hands warm on those cold days. It's nice to get wrapped up and enjoy walks even when it's freezing.

You could wear gloves but how often have you left them behind or lost them completely as you take them on and off to pay for something or blow baby's nose?

These solve that problem. You can pop your hands in and out as much as you like and they will stay put on that pushchair handle.

They are machine washable and are one size fits all.

You can Click and Collect Mummy Mitts for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have them delivered to your home.

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  • Bev G.

    god send for a winter baby!x

    • Angela S.

      :blush: nothing worse than freezing hands x

    • Bev G.

      Or lost gloves! The amount of half pairs i had from taking one off to sort something. Love my mitts!xx

  • Donna R.

    What's wrong with normal gloves? Have I missed something?!x

    • Kelly A.

      I just thought the same thing :joy::joy:

    • Bekey C.

      Those fingerless ones would be better! Then you dont have to take them off either lol

    • Donna R.

      I'm a bad mum...I never sacrificed my hands in winter...gloves all the way...there's not much you need to do whilst out walking without them on?!x

    • Lisa R.

      I have these. They are fab as easy to take hands in and out when you need to do anything, such as deal with our child, buy something in shop etc. I am always losing normal gloves and get fed up taking them on and off.

  • Steph B.

    I'm totally getting these?!! X

  • Lauren M.

    i really don't understand the point in these

  • Victoria K.

    I have had mine the past two winters, absolutely fantastic one of my best purchases ever.

  • Kathryn S.

    I loved mine. Sold them on for a decent price too

  • Sarah E.

    Just get a pair of gloves they do the same thing xx

  • Siobhan C.

    I don't get it?! What's different to just gloves are they stuck to the pram ?! X

  • Bria K.

    They would be perfect!:joy:

  • Charlotte S.

    I've just put them in my basket ready for Friday :smile::smile:

  • Sammie M.

    hahaha I've got gloves xxx

  • Jennifer S.

    I bought these 2 yrs ago best thing ever

  • Victoria H.

    Yer but these fix on to buggy permanently :joy:x

  • Leah L.

    I need these in my life! :joy:

  • Helen W.

    Aye for the winter school runs lol xx

  • Kelle D.

    O my god they look amazing! Perfect for saturdays watching Ruby play rugby in the winter!! Xx

  • Jo W.

    Looks like her arms have snapped off :joy::joy:

  • Hannah C.

    There mint wish I had seen these when Charlie was little :grin::joy: xx

  • Joanna B.

    So weird. Just wear gloves?? :laughing:

  • Lynsey H.

    You'd never lose them on those nippy days :snowflake::wind_blowing_face:

  • Sarah H.

    £30!! What's wrong with a £1 pair of magic gloves from primark??

  • Sally H.

    We got 2 pairs one set for the pushchair and a set for my husbands grans walking frame.

  • Leanne K.

    Yeah I saw them lol a genius idea tho lol xx

  • Em M.

    There fab just saw then there out of stock but I'll check in the shop tomorrow xx

  • Ruth M.

    Oh, I'll have a look! Hate cold hands xx

  • Anna T.

    True. Change bags have too many compartments. Keep thinking I've lost things. Gloves will get lost in the depths of the bag:rolling_eyes:

  • Arlene C.

    We need these for our walks to coffee shop :joy: xx

  • Merle S.

    I need these in my life!!!! X x

  • Charlotte M.

    I totally do!! Phalanges will start turning white & blue any day now :joy: xx

  • Katey P.

    These are amazing! Got them last year after losing many pairs of gloves!

  • Shilpe L.

    So you don't have to keep pulling them off everytime you need to answer the phone say or .....

  • Tracey D.

    Do the work on buggy handles anyone know ?

  • Jenna B.

    ive had mine over 4 years now (on 2nd baby) absolutely love them

  • Samantha B.

    or wear normal gloves lol

  • Jo H.

    Haha help with me pram hands ;-)

  • Jo H.

    Definitely wouldn't be able to hold onto a mulberry with these haha

  • Fiona B.

    So need these for my walking xx

  • Ceri M.

    Ah yes, must dig them out for this year :thumbsup:If they could make something to hold the dog lead too, I would be in dog /baby walking equilibrium!! X

  • Iona D.

    Haha I think they are brilliant xx

  • Hannah D.

    Looking forward to using them!! Xx

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