Mamas & Papas Pushchair Sunshade £6.99 (was £17.99) @ Argos

7 August 2016
Mamas & Papas Pushchair Sunshade £6.99

Argos have these Mamas & Papas Sunshades hugely reduced at the moment, down in price from £17.99 to just £6.99 and they are selling very fast.

There's two patterns, a pink and a blue, and they are designed to protect your little one from the sunshine and provide a shady and cool spot to sleep.

These sunshades have UV50 sun protection, and have mesh sides for ventilation as well as a 'window' so that you can check on your little one.

They are supposed to fit most pushchairs, not just Mamas and Papas ones, though they cannot guarantee a perfect fit on every pushchair, but a quick read through the reviews suggests that parents have used them on many brands.

When not in use the sunshade can be folded up compactly into it's own carry pouch, so this is ideal for keeping in your baby changing bag for sunny days, daytime naps or on holidays.

You can reserve and collect for free from Argos stores, or home delivery costs £3.95. As this is a Clearance item stocks are a little hit and miss in some areas, though there do seem to be high stock levels in most places.

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  • Donna S.

    Just curious so no bashing :see_no_evil: are these safe for using over Pram? As I'm sure your not allowed to cover them now? But these come when you purchase the Pram which is on sale at moment for £42

    • Emma W.

      Thats what i thought when sew it x

    • Donna S.

      Just been looking at this Pram in Argos and it comes with it aswell as footmuff and raincover but was just curious as you can't tell by pic but maybe highly ventilated? But the amount of posts I've seen over last few month with hot weather never cover your Pram??? X

    • Kerry T.

      We have one and its very ventilated i thought the same but it kept cooler inside x

    • Anna M.

      I think it was blankets they had concerns with. I'd assume these were made in a way so that they allowed ventilation but it's a good question. Maybe test with a thermometer and a blanket and then these.

    • Nikki A.

      Yes they're perfectly safe.. I have a similar one and it's made of mesh and has a zip too... it's designed to reflect the heat whilst offering ventilation too.. it's blankets that aren't to be used as they are thick with no ventilation into the pram xXx

    • Jenny C.

      These are made of Breathable mesh. The news articles were regarding using blankets

    • Laura H.

      I'm currently using one for my 8 month old boy in Tenerife and they are brilliant. I was a bit dubious and brought a umbrella style shade too but I haven't used it once as this is sooooo much better x

  • Dellah P.

    Ta I need one of them x

  • Jenn B.

    Saw them we're going to investigate them in a bit. X

  • Jennifer S.

    Thanks ordered one now for collection :blush: the one on hols was def handy and should fit. We got the buggy from argos too so should be same model x

  • Ellie B.

    Theses look good! Although Iv got a sun shade but a black one! Xx

  • Kirsty W.

    Their great compared to parasols :thumbsup: x

  • Emma B.

    Ahh just faughg when she's asleep will keep sun outta her face xx

  • Carla M.

    A think it would be a bit hot xxx

  • Mary W.

    , not sure if you've got one or need one for your holidays,great buy! :sunglasses:

  • Jemma B.

    this is what I bought xx

    • Victoria R.

      It looks good. I might have 2 get one xx

  • Katie S.

    They look good!

  • Holly C.

    ??? Could fit better maybe? X

  • Leanne C.

    I'll put her in the shade x

  • Lauren C.

    Look how pretty this is :heart_eyes: xx

  • Kayleigh M.

    I have bought mother care pram as a package £69.99 from Argos with sunshade and everything else to go on holiday with ...

  • Kirsty C.

    Sorry to jump in but I've used these and they are breathable. Parasols are useless on holiday as every time you change direction walking in the sun you need to move the parasol. I'd recommend these any day over a parasol xx

  • Jo D.

    I'm going to have a look. Thanks

  • Jodie G.

    Thanks :) reserved the last one!

  • Claire B.

    - I'm getting the blue one for holiday! xxx

  • Kelly W.

    Just reserved mine! What a bargain!!!

  • Fiona O.

    Yeah if we got a bit of sun!! :joy:

  • Lauren M.

    Good price!!they wouldn't get to see anything tho lol xx

  • Chris S.

    not sure of this would be useful for you guys as would keep ventilated but protect from sun? Seem good for £6.99 X

  • Victoria B.

    just incase you needed one for your pushchair xx

  • Kiera W.

    that's a blanket, these are designed to reflect sun away and are kept cooler inside X

  • Kiera W.

    I thought the same as you untill read comments of people who have it. It's made with a certain type of mesh that's got ventilation X

  • Dominique '.

    I've just reserved us one each in Norris green we'll have to get them tomorrow xx

  • Marie J.

    Just seen these in argos lush

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